Love Egg Toy: Yay or Nay?


There are many different ways you can spice up things in the bedroom. Whether you are in a new relationship and want to get to know your partner better or the honeymoon phase is over, you can introduce sex toys to intensify pleasure. And there are very few sex toys that are as intimate, as exciting and as rewarding as vibrating eggs. So, what’s all the fuss about these sex toys lately?


Vibrating Eggs: All You Need to Know About Them

While female condoms are some of the most effective ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies and STIs, vibrating eggs are some of the most effective toys to bring more pleasure to your sex life.

A love egg toy can introduce an element of tease, edge your partner toward orgasm and can serve as a hands-free option when you want to explore your partner’s body. But one of the main reasons why this sex toy is so popular is the element of public excitement and surprise it can add to your sex life. So, what do you think? Would you consider a love egg to satiate your lust or not?

love egg toy

Simply put, a love egg is a small, smooth, egg-shaped sex toy that is worn internally (vaginally). It usually comes with a dangling string or tail for easy removal. Also, most love eggs available these days come with a remote to control vibration patterns while inserted. Some even have their own smartphone app. Technology can be sexy sometimes, right?

Most high-quality love eggs are made of body-safe silicone and feature an internal motor that has a few different vibration speeds and settings. They are quiet, waterproof, and easy to store or travel with. You can choose a love egg toy that will make you more aware of your deeper pleasure centres and bring you closer to orgasms.

How Do Egg Vibrators Work?

A love egg works by sitting inside of you and stimulating the sensitive vaginal walls, your G-spot ad giving you a pleasurable feeling while wearing it. The remote controller can give you light, strong or patterned vibrations depending on your or your partner’s mood.


Handling the remote to your partner and let them decide what to do with it is the ultimate tease. It can help you introduce new things to your sex life and feel pleasurable at different places. This little sex toy can be enjoyed wearing discreetly in public places or simply at home when you and your partner want to bring some changes into your sex routine.

How to Use One

A vibrating egg is simple to insert and using a bit of lube when doing this is recommendable to give you a more comfortable experience. Once inserted, the love egg should sit tightly in your vagina and it will then stimulate the internal vagina walls. You can use the remote or give it to your partner for extra added fun for both of you.


When using it for the first time, you can go through all of the vibrating settings ranging from soft gentle vibrations to more intense stronger ones. A love egg is generally larger than the top of a vibrator, so it can provide pressure to all the spots needed to drive pleasure. When a love egg vibrates, it sends pulses and vibrations throughout the pelvic region. Love eggs are like Kegel balls in a way as they can help you exercise your Kegel muscles. Squeezing with the walls of the vagina to try and improve muscle control in that region can be beneficial for many women.



Love eggs can be a great addition to your sex toy collection and can help you add some excitement and fun to your sex life. Thanks to the remote control, couples can use them to turn an ordinary date night once into a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can insert the love egg before going out for dinner and hand the remote control to your partner. It’s exciting, fun and can surely make you both feel more connected to each other.


One of the best things about this sex toy is that you can leave it in whilst having intercourse. All you’ll need to do is move the string to one side. The egg will provide stimulation for you both at the same time, which can lead to some unforgettable moments under the bedsheets.

Oral Sex

love egg

Using a vibrating egg during oral sex can provide a deeper, full-body orgasm as the egg is stimulating the G-spot and the clitoral network internally while your partner is focused on your external sensitive areas around the clitoris and the vulva. For a more pleasurable time, the string of the love egg can be tugged gently to change the stimulation experienced internally.


A love egg can be fun even if you want to take things into your own hands. Once inserted, you will start feeling the gentle stimulation of its vibration and then you can use the remote control and obtain the sensations as you like them, from gentle to more powerful.