Spirit Recipes: Get Inspired and Make Your Favourite Spirits at Home


Distilled alcoholic beverages are not a new thing, but these days they seem to be more popular than ever. The process of distilling spirits involves the controlled manufacture of alcohol from a mix of natural nutrients, such as sugar and yeast. The mix is cleaned with activated carbon to remove unwanted flavours and to produce a smooth tasting beverage.

Homemade Whiskey
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Distilling alcohol at home for making spirits is a great way to get pure alcohol that contains smaller amounts of by-products and impurities than alcohol produced from commercial sources. Making your own spirits and liqueurs is easy and fun and with the use of still spirits recipes you can create your favourite drinks. There is nothing better than enjoying a spirit that you made just the way you like it.

Homebrew Spirit Recipes

Still Spirits is the world leader in still technology, home distilling products and spirit flavourings. It sprung from a small homebrew store in Wellington, New Zealand in the 1990s and since then it has grown both its name and the range of products. Today, Still Spirits is a wholesaler which distributes to Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, the USA and South Africa.

With the full range of Still Spirits products you can easily make quality homemade alcohol and turn it into delicious, full-flavoured alcoholic beverages with a similar, or better, taste than more expensive spirits and liqueurs. You can find a collection of Still Spirits recipes and choose your favourites, whether it’s rum, bourbon, whiskey or gin.

Spirit recipes are very similar to the popular spirits and liqueurs available in bottle shops. They are not exact copies of the named commercial version, but they are close to them, or as some people like to say, even better. With Spirit recipes, you can reproduce almost any alcohol base drink you want, but also, you can use them to modify alcohol content and add additional taste traits.

It’s an easy and fun way to make the drinks you love at an affordable price. Just make sure you follow the recipe guidelines and use the right flavour sachets mixed into your spirit base. That’s the easiest and best way to make a drink that will taste great and tempt your taste buds every time you try it or share it with friends.

Homemade Spirit Cocktail
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Create Quality Spirits at Home

The process of making home brew spirits consists of four steps – making the wash, distilling, filtering and flavouring. To make an alcoholic beverage, you need to start with a base. And that’s what is called a wash. Making the wash is combining yeast, water and sugar in a fermenter and then letting the mixture ferment. When the fermentation is done, you need to clear your wash and then you can move on to distilling using your still.

In the distilling process, the fermented mix is heated up to a boiling point, the alcohol vapour rises to the top of the still and then condenses back into liquid alcohol. Next is the filtering process. Your distilled spirit has to be filtered to catch any unwanted chemicals or flavours and remove them, so you will get a pure clean spirit. Activated carbon absorbs the unwanted chemicals and flavours while allowing the spirit to pass through and can help you achieve the best quality results from your spirit.

In the end, comes the flavouring, probably the most exciting, creative part of the process. Once you have your alcohol base, it’s time to find your flavouring. You can choose from a variety of flavours and essences to replicate one of your favourite spirits or create something new. This step is quite simple and all you need to do is follow the instruction on the label of your flavouring.

The most important thing to remember when making your spirit is cleanliness and temperature. Always make sure all the equipment that comes in touch with the fermenting liquid is clean. Also, make sure you have an area where you can maintain a constant temperature.

Homemade Whiskey
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What Are the Benefits?


The initial outlay for a still and the associated equipment may seem quite expensive, but it will not take long until you realise that you can create high quality spirits for a low cost. You can create any spirit, liqueur or cocktail you want and even make some impossible-to-find spirits and liqueurs at your home for an affordable price. Nothing gets better than that.


More importantly, making your own spirits at home is a fun and rewarding experience. Using Still Spirits you can make any style of alcohol you want, your way. Adjust the alcohol level and add new aromas and flavours. The best thing about using recipe kits is that you can feel free to experiment and discover new flavours. In the end, you can always spice up your gin and tonic or enjoy your homemade whiskey on the rocks.

Whether you are new to the distilling world or already an experienced distiller, spirit recipe kits can make a big difference in the final result you get. From bourbon and whiskey to gin and rum, you can create all your favourite drinks and enjoy them the way you like them, share them with family and friends or use them as gifts for special people in your life.