Memory Foam Mattresses: the Only Magic Carpets to Dreamland


I have always liked to think of dreaming as a form of traveling. Yes, traveling through the lands of our deepest thoughts and unspoken fears and desires, traveling through our unconscious mind, traveling through our self. As every other journey of ours, we need our night’s sleep to be peaceful and comfortable, so we can fully enjoy every minute of it. We can (and should) make this happen by picking a cozy and suitable-for-our-body mattress. I strongly believe that memory foam mattresses are the only magic carpets that can help us arrive in Dreamland without any discomfort or delay.

Why am I so certain that a memory foam matress is a much better sleeping option than any other type of mattress? Well, for starters, it is known that memory foam mattresses mold perfectly to our body, distributing our body weight evenly across its surface and relieving us from pain, tension and stress. This is a great health benefit that every single mattress should be able to provide. If it doesn’t, then it is not worth our money nor our attention. After all, we spend at least eight hours a day in bed. They should be as relaxing and pleasant as possible.

Memory foam mattresses are not only super comfortable, but hypoallergenic, too. This means that a memory foam matress is resistant to dust mites and other bacteria that can cause allergic reactions, thus protecting the individuals who suffer from asthma, lung issues, and other breathing problems. This is one of the many reasons doctors recommend memory foam mattresses to their patients.

These mattresses are also very easy to maintain, since the only thing we need to do to keep our bed fresh and clean is remove and wash the cover and the sheets. How convenient, right? Oh, do you know what else will cheer you up? The fact that everyone can afford them. If you look hard enough, you won’t have any trouble finding a memory foam mattress that is durable and agreeable to your needs and preferences, and, on top of all that, inexpensive.

Nobody wants to go to bed, exhausted and hungry for a good night’s rest, and fail to drift off to restorative sleep. Especially not because of some intolerable and poor-quality mattress. Should you really allow yourself to trade your rest and overall health for a small amount of money that won’t make any difference anyway? That’s right, you shouldn’t.