Outfit Ideas – How to Combine Your Western Jeans

Whatever the season or the occasion, the good old blue jeans are the perfect solution if you can't decide what to wear.


Whatever the season or the occasion, the good old blue jeans are the perfect solution if you can’t decide what to wear. There is a misconception that wearing jeans is dressing down which is absolute nonsense, considerating the fact that you can look chic and classy at the same time if you carefully chose what you pair them with.

Western Wear Jeans Style Combinations

Probably the most classic casual look (and the one that never goes out of style) is the combination of blue jeans and a white shirt. Match it with a dark-colored blazer and you’re ready to go out! A small tip here: darker jeans can give you a more sleek figure. So, if you want to be noticed and look effortlessly stylish (especially on a first date), don’t forget to add high rise boots to this perfect combination.

I know you’re in love with your tight-fit pants but you can always try something new. If you’re not very much into experimenting, then I would suggest you wear wide-legged western wear jeans or bell-bottom jeans as they are a safe option to choose. Wear them with a graphic t-shirt for a simple but eccentric look.

Why not try to pair your black jeans with a formal blouse and a pretty, patterned shrug? Or, if you want to create a sporty casual look, go for a cotton bright colored crop top outfit with jeans. Depending on the occasion, you can pair it with ballerinas or heels.

Skinny Jeans Outfits

From a trendy piece of clothing, this type of jeans soon became a synonym for a classic style and a wardrobe staple. The simplicity is what makes them a fundamental detail in every woman’s closet. But if you’re constantly pairing them with the same t-shirt, it’s probably time to look up some style inspiration.

Skinny jeans are the perfect choice to wear in cooler temperatures. Their slim shape helps you to look incredibly chic when paired with a sweater. For the ultimate autumn look, wear boots and don’t forget your sunglasses. For the ultimate fashionista moment, wear a small tweed jacket that hits just at your waistline over a simple lightweight sweater. This is the ideal outfit for work or for weekend shopping with friends.

And last but not least, adding accessories such as a hat, a scarf or sunglasses, can make a great difference in your final look. These are fantastic details which will help you adapt your western wear jeans to different styles like bohemian, rocker or vintage.