Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo for an Effortless Put Together Look


Beauty is everywhere and is engrained in our minds whether we realise it or not. Nowadays, it is considered as some sort of a superficiality to be in want of beautiful things, when in fact it is in human nature to be in search of beauty and want to be surrounded by it. From ancient times people tried to look their best and it is no surprise Cleopatra VII, the ancient Egyptian queen – the epitome of power of feminine beauty, resorted to using the available make-up at the time made of minerals, plants, rocks and in some instances even animal fat. We might as well say the roots of cosmetics were set by ancient civilisations and things have gone a great way since then in terms of methods used for producing cosmetics.


If you are one of those who have been blessed with the perfect complexion and facial features, then you are one of the lucky ones, but the rest of us have to deal with corrections on a daily basis. Since lifestyles are busy and feeling pressed for time is an everyday experience, it is no wonder having to do make-up each morning can be considered annoying. More so if you further have to even out your tone, and think of your outfit combinations for the day ahead. This is why it is no surprise cosmetic tattooing is gaining popularity and the number of women opting for this solution is constantly growing.

The process of cosmetic tattoo, also known as micropigmentation, consists of the procedure of applying coloured pigments under the skin through fine needles, mind you though, it is not to be confused with block tattoo that affects the deep layers of the skin. Along with fixing problems with thin eyebrows and evenly filling them out, this procedure is also used for improving the appearance of eyelashes by accentuating the shape of the eye, defining the lips and their colour as well as covering face scars. If you are tired of having to do make-up day in and day out or have some scar that could do with correction, you can resort to permanent cosmetic tattoo; all you have to do is find the professionals whose experience and expertise will make you feel you are in safe hands.

Before the process of permanent cosmetic tattoo begins, you will be asked to go to a consultation first. This is when you are informed of the whole procedure, and you get tips on how to take care afterwards as well as see whether you are suitable for cosmetic tattooing and check your medical history. If you are allergic to the products used in make-up, tattooing will help you avoid using toxins altogether so you will look your best without even trying.


Depending on the area of the tattooing, there is a difference in the whole process. Eyebrows require the cosmetic technician to design the symmetry, shape, size and colour so the outcome is a natural soft powdery look and the procedure might require two sessions. During eyelash enhancement, the area in between the lashes gets pigments applied so the result is defined lashes that look enhanced whereas the eyeliner tattooing will define the eyes with a colour to complement your own eye colour. For a striking look, you could choose winged eyeliner shape. When it comes to the lips, you could get permanent lip colour for lifeless lips with either natural fuller lips result, based on your lip colour, or a more vibrant colour choice so you never have to spend money on lipstick again.

As you see, cosmetic tattooing is an investment worth making since you will save on money buying make-up constantly, save on the time needed to apply make-up and protect your skin from the chemicals that find their way into your bloodstream and clog your pores once make-up is applied. Your health and beauty are worth investing in.