World’s Top High-Calorie Foods


People love to travel, but they also love to try delicious foods. Instagram is full of various deep fried, delicious foods to which many people cannot stay indifferent. And guess what, these super-sized portions and high-calorie foods are not only coming from the United States. Even though Americans have the highest obesity rate and are known for their fast food restaurants, some of the greatest calorie-packed foods come from other parts of the world. These foods cause artery-clogging and other serious health problems. It is up to you to decide whether you will ever try the following high-calorie foods:

Poutine, Canada

Poutine is one of the most popular Canadian foods. However, it is also extremely high in calories. Potatoes are healthy, but French fries covered in gravy-like sauce and cheddar-cheese curds are certainly not. Even though it contains 740 calories, poutine is sold in popular fast food restaurants like Burger King. Besides the regular recipe, you can also find other versions like Triple Pork Poutine, Nacho Grande Poutine and Bacon Cheesburger Poutine.

Nutella Crepes, France


Probably the most popular French food, known and consumed worldwide. French crepes might be a party for your palate, but not so much for your tights. There’s no soul that can resist chocolate and sweet things, especially nutella crepes. However, the fact that with only two spoons of nutella you eat around 200 calories says a lot. All that butter, sugar and whipped cream in one place puts the crapes in the category top high-calorie foods.

Calzone, Italy


Calzone, sounds yummy right, but the fact is that this delicious food is loaded with calories doesn’t bring benefits to your body. Do you know that for making a single calzone, the pizza makers use a pizza dough meant for 4 people? Calzone is in fact the very unhealthy version of the original pizza.

Curros, Spain


You surely know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, that’s not the case in Spain. Spanish people love eating fried dough pastries by dipping them in a sauce made from sugar and cinnamon. These pastries are known as curros. What makes curros so high in calories is the fact that they are deep fried and consumed with sweet caloric sauce.

Ramen, Japan


This food gained its popularity in the last few years. It is also considered as one of the world’s top calorie dense foods due to its ingredients. A regular cup of noodle soup is in fact recommended to be included in your diet. However, the traditional Japanese soup Ramen is made of noodles with various types of meat inside. The broth really adds some calories there, especially when combined with beef, lard and oil.