Caravan Storage: Secure Your Vehicle When Moving or While You’re Away


As you may know, packing and moving services is what usually all removalists offer. However, sometimes you may need a storage for your vehicle as well. Although renting separate car or caravan storage may seem the best option, it may not be so good on your wallet. It is best to look for removalist company that offers a wide range of residential and commercial moving services along with a wide range storage solutions.

Spending a bit more time on finding such removals will save you time and cash as well. So, make sure you find professional movers that offer short-term or long-term car or caravan storage units that are alarmed with light and motion sensors and 24/7 security so you can rest assured your caravan or other type of vehicle is safe.

But when it comes to car or caravan storage, finding a reliable provider is not your only concern. To ensure your vehicle is in good running order, there are few things you need to take care of.

Caravan StorageMake Sure It Is Covered

Ideally, a caravan should be stored in a closed space. If however you choose to store your car outdoors, make sure you get a weatherproof caravan cover to help keep it clean and dry.

Clean It Up

It may not make sense to you to wash your caravan since it will be in an enclosed storage unit for months, but it is an important step that shouldn’t be overlooked. Bird droppings and water stains left on the caravan can damage paint. Clean the undersides of the fenders and the wheels to get rid of grease, mud or tar.

Change the Oil

If you are storing your caravan for only a few weeks, you can skip this step. But if you plan on storing the vehicle for more than a month, then you should consider getting the oil changed. According to experts, used engine oil has contaminants that could damage the engine.

Top off the Tank

Fill up the gas tank (if you’re planning on storing your vehicle for more than a month) to prevent moisture accumulation inside the tank. This will protect the seals from getting dry.

Don’t Use the Parking Brake

While it is often recommended that you use the parking brake, in this case it is a big no-no. When brake pads are in contact with the rotors for too long, they might fuse. To prevent the car from moving, consider buying a tire stopper.

Prevent Flat Tires

Before storing your vehicle, make sure the tires are inflated. Turn to your manufacturer’s manual for the exact recommended tire pressure. When you leave your vehicle parked for loo long, the tires can develop flat spots as the weight of the caravan presses down on the tires. If your vehicle will be in storage for more than a month, consider taking the wheels off and placing the vehicle on jack stands at all four corners.