What to Look for When Shopping for Pure Wave Sine Inverters


If you’re constantly on the move, a power inverter can be a very valuable accessory that can make your life much easier. There are many different types of inverters available out there, but the pure sine wave inverters are arguably the best solution out of all options. The main reason is the fact that they transform DC electricity into clean AC power that can power even the most sensitive devices. In other words, pure sine wave inverters help your devices generate the maximum output and they prevent devices that need a surge from failing to start up.

best 12v inverter

In order to get the best pure sine wave inverter, you need to consider a couple of things, such as the load capacity and current waveform. The load capacity is of utmost importance because if the inverter you choose doesn’t have the capacity to serve the load you need it to, it will likely fail prematurely and potentially cause your devices to fail as well. The current waveform should be just like the one produced from a utility line, which comes as a standard with pure sine wave inverters but not other types.

One of the best 12V inverter manufacturers is Victron, and they offer a wide range of models that have a wide variety of features. Some of these features include a high start-up power, ECO mode that will switch the inverter to standby mode when the load drops below a predetermined value, a remote on/off switch, and many other features.

Most equipment that’s been designed in the past couple of years requires sinusoidal current. Common examples of such equipment include power tools, variable speed motors, laser equipment, precision medical equipment, computers, etc. If the pure sine wave inverter is correctly installed, you don’t have to worry about your equipment breaking down or not powering up at all.

Moreover, the best 12V inverter will ensure the equipment it power operates at its full capacity. If the inverter features sinusoidal current, it may have to work harder than usually to ensure the equipment operates optimally. And there will still be a chance of break downs, or at least in dips in productivity, which means that in the long term, pure sine wave inverters are the better investment.

However, inverters in general require regular maintenance, and pure sine wave inverters are no different. That being said, look for inverters from a quality manufacturer in order to avoid having to spend money on more frequent maintenance than you’d like.