Riding in Style: A Comprehensive Guide to Custom Pro Scooters


Are you a fan of doing tricks and stunts with your scooter but lack the performance abilities your scooter can provide? it’s time to switch to a pro scooter. Pro scooters are meant to do exactly that – stunts and tricks with a fast and exciting riding experience guaranteed as they’re more durable.

What’s more, you can also opt to customise them having in mind the custom pro scooters offer greater versatility in performing tricks and stunts because you get to decide what parts you want for your specific riding style. Isn’t that amazing?

The Difference Between a Pro Scooter and a Regular Scooter

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Most of you are already familiar with terrain mobility scooters and standard scooters. But many of you may wonder what is the difference between a pro scooter and a regular scooter. A pro scooter is geared towards riders who perform stunts, tricks and freestyles as opposed to a standard scooter which is a great way to get you around places. This is the first and main distinction, however, there are further differences between the two.

The first are built from sturdier material which helps to withstand any falls and hits, unlike the latter which cannot take high-impact activities. Also, the pro designs have wider decks as opposed to those of the regular counterparts because they need better stability when performing stunts and tricks.

Moreover, as already mentioned, you can have your very own pro custom scooter which isn’t the case with regular scooters. Sure, you may need to pay a somewhat higher price to get it, but the investment is worth every penny.

Another difference is in the wheels. The wheels in pro scooters are fairly large and the reason for that is a larger wheel gives more grip on the surface when riding which allows riders to move at a faster pace. Also, the bars on a pro scooter are not adjustable so you should be mindful of the height of the bars when buying a pro scooter. Lastly, pro scooters do not fold.

What’s a Custom Pro Scooter Builder?

A scooter builder allows you to build and customise your scooter to fit your personal needs. Any pro scooter online shop gives you the option to browse their website and select top pro scooter parts from the collection they have in stock.

This is a great way to build the scooter of your dreams and get professional help to assemble your custom pro scooter. The team of professionals will make sure you get the best parts and provide you with a piece of valuable information on what features your scooter should have, based on your needs and desires.

Building and Customising Your Pro Scooter

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You want to take your riding experience to another level and you’re looking for ways to achieve that. It’s easy to get excited when you know you can use the perks of customising or building your own scooter but you may overlook the most important aspects of the process. You must make sure that the scooter is the right one for you and keep your focus on the basics when it comes to building a pro scooter:

  • First things first, choosing the right size of the bars matters more than you think. A scooter that is too big or too small can negatively impact the riding performance and balance and can even lead to injury during the stunts. Because bars on pro scooters are not adjustable, they must be the right size for your height and body. Ideally, they should sit around the hip level for maximum comfort and proper balance. Also, it’s recommended that beginners start with wider bars for better control and balance, and once they feel confident enough in their skills, they can switch up to a different size of bars.
  • The selection of a deck for your scooter will mostly depend on your height and body weight. Larger and taller riders will need wider decks with larger wheels as opposed to smaller individuals. However, one thing to keep an eye on is that there are two types of decks, street decks and park decks. Street decks are typically larger and sturdier because they are geared for intense stunts and tricks and big jumps. Park decks, on the other hand, are lighter in weight and fairly thinner and shorter than street decks.
  • As earlier explained, larger wheels on a pro scooter mean a faster ride. But even within this category, there are wheels larger or smaller than other wheels for pro scooters. If you’re more into trick and jumps, smaller wheels can make a better option because they provide better control and they make it easier to manoeuvre the scooter. On the other hand, larger wheels are a better option if fast rides are your priority. But another key factor to consider is the hardness of the wheels. Wheels can range from soft to hard. Softer wheels are better for rough and uneven terrains, while harder wheels are better for smooth terrains and provide a smoother ride. If you’re only a beginner, it is recommended to start with softer wheels, whereas an experienced rider can go with harder wheels.
  • Lastly, the price. The custom pro scooters are a bit pricier but prices can range between different retailers and depending on the parts used to build the pro scooter, the price can be fairly high or lower. More expensive does not necessarily mean better than cheaper alternatives. Although high-end scooters can provide additional benefits and quality in terms of performance, cheaper versions can be just as good for doing your tricks and stents.

How Are Custom Pro Scooters and Complete Pro Scooters Different?

Complete scooters are generally less expensive and they are geared more towards beginner and intermediate riders. They come pre-assembled and are ready to ride. They are built by experts so there is no room for worries if the scooter has all the necessary features for a balanced ride. Complete pro scooters are typically low maintenance, great for everyday use, and come with pre-selected parts that need to be assembled. The process is straightforward and, in no time, you will have a ready-to-ride scooter.

The pro custom scooters are pricier because you get to choose which parts you want, and they are meant to meet your specific desires. The custom option is great because can select high-end parts that are more durable. You can choose the parts online or in-store and the parts need to be assembled before you start riding the scooter. Custom pro scooters require higher maintenance due to the customisation and are tailored for experienced riders.