Timeless Treasures: Creative Gift Ideas for the History Buff in Your Life


Whether they’re an avid collector, reader, or scholar, the history buff in your life deserves a one-of-a-kind gift that supports their passion. These gifts are more than just ordinary items; they’re portals to the past, treasures that bridge the gap between then and now, and celebrate the enduring allure of history. So, let’s explore a few great ideas that will leave an indelible mark on your giftee. 

Model Tanks

Tank Models
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Imagine the joy on your friend’s face when they unwrap one of these meticulously crafted kits for tank models. These miniature replicas are windows into the epic narratives of military history, making them exceptional gifts for history enthusiasts. They spark conversations about the strategic brilliance and technological advancements of different epochs. 
For example, the Sherman model kit tank pays tribute to the resilience and adaptability of the Allied forces during World War II. The scaled-down version, complete with detailed turrets and authentic paint schemes, pays homage to the tank that shaped the course of history. 
For those who prefer the intrigue of wartime Germany, tank models of the Tiger I are gifts that resonate with the might of the Wehrmacht. These replicas capture the essence of German engineering and offer a tactile connection to an era where military innovation was at its zenith. So, if you’re hunting for a gift that’s more than just an object, but a portal to the past, model tanks might just be the perfect choice. 

What’s the Most Popular Tank Model Scale?

The most common scale for model tank kits is 1:35. You’ll find a wide variety of kits and separate components in this size. Its popularity started with the first plastic tank kits. Manufacturers had to make them on this scale so that they could fit electric motors and gears. After a while, 1:35 became the standard across many companies. Although early kits in the scale typically compromised scale look and detail because of their bulky motorization, enthusiasts loved them because of their potential. 
The accuracy and precision of military tank models have increased over time. Nowadays, many companies offer a range of 1:35 models, as well as aftermarket parts. This scale is mostly restricted to military ground vehicles. Big aeroplane kits are available in 1:32 scale, while helicopter kits are available in both 1:32 and 1:35 scale. Nowadays, you can also find some larger 1:35 models like the Fieseler Storch or the Horsa Glider. 

Antique Item

Antique Item
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An antique gift is a tangible connection to the past. Each item carries a unique history, a narrative that’s waiting for them to uncover. For example, depending on their preferences, they might be delighted by a handmade ox horn as a present, even though they probably won’t go to war with it or use it at all. It’s an appealing piece of wall décor and would make a great gift for a guy who enjoys items with exotic historical themes. I recommend a Norse-style horn, such as those that the Vikings used in battle. 
Antique coins, with their worn edges and the weight of history, make for extraordinary gifts. They’re symbols on currency that commemorate significant historical events. They recognize and honour notable individuals who transformed history. If your giftee is a history enthusiast who already owns a collection of coins, they will love the new additions. 

Genealogy DNA Test Kit

A genealogy test kit connects the dots across continents and generations. It’s like a key to a treasure chest that contains the stories of their ancestors. With a simple saliva sample, they get to discover their family saga. A mix of joy and curiosity dances in their eyes as they trace the migration paths of their ancestors, picturing the landscapes and cultures that shaped their family tree. For someone passionate about history, these DNA test results become more than just percentages; they’re a living, breathing narrative that helps them understand the forces that shaped their existence. 

Historical Board Games

Board Game
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A history-inspired board game offers an immersive journey through time. Whether it’s navigating the intrigues of old civilizations or leading troops through epic battles, these games offer a hands-on experience of the past. For example, “Senet” is an ancient Egyptian game that goes back to 2620 BCE. 
The Egyptians during that era loved this game, as we can tell by the boards discovered in old tombs and paintings. After the Roman era, it went out of style. People forgot the original regulations and replaced them with different ones that were based on scholarly interpretations. 
Another fantastic board game for the history aficionado in your life is the game “Chronology”. This fun game follows the chronology of past events. If they enjoy playing board games, this provides an entertaining way to remember historical dates. The beauty of these games is their ability to turn history into a living experience. 
They foster friendly competition, spark conversations about historical events, and transform the dining table into an old Egyptian kingdom or a battlefield. So, when you’re seeking a gift that combines education with entertainment, a board game is more than just a box of cards and tokens, but is a time machine that whisks you to different epochs.