Scandi-style Dining Room: How to Create a Stylish and Functional Space


If there’s any room in the home that should be decorated as modestly as possible, it’s the dining room. After all, family meals should be enjoyed in absolute peace, undisturbed by any clutter or noise around you, right? However, you also want your dining room to be a warm and inviting place, and skipping any décor will only make it feel cold and rigid. That’s why the minimalist no-frills Scandinavian style works so well in dining rooms. With the crisp clean white walls, sturdy and durable furniture, and clever storage solutions, a Scandinavian dining room appears airy, beautiful and functional. If you want to create a dining room with a minimalist yet cosy Scandinavian charm, here’s how to do it.

Scandinavian dining room furniture

Functional Scandinavian Dining Room Furniture

Let’s face it, buying furniture is a huge investment, so of course, you want pieces that are worth your money. And Scandinavian dining room furniture is just that – a mix of durability, functionality and elegance. Often, Scandinavian designer furniture comes with features that make it multifunctional. Like for instance, dining tables that are extendible and include drawers for storage. The fact that Scandinavian dining room furniture is made of quality hardwoods such as oak, maple and walnut means it is extremely sturdy and thus durable. So make sure to look for those materials when outfitting your dining room.

A Serene Colour Palette

To truly create an airy Scandinavian atmosphere, you need to include all the right colours. But first of all, you need to create the perfect backdrop with the help of white walls. A clean white background can visually enhance the space making it look much larger than it is. What’s more, white is the perfect canvas for the Scandinavian palette of calm and muted hues to stand out. Use colours such as grey, cream, brown, and hints of soft pastels to create a soothing, relaxing ambience. You can incorporate these accent colours with the help of art prints, rugs, or cute accessories such as spice jars and playful tablecloths.

Bring the Outdoors In

Scandinavian style has a very close relationship with nature, which can be seen in Scandinavian dining room furniture made of timeless woods. In line with the natural theme, floors are also made of raw materials such as hardwood or stone. To further accentuate the outdoorsy appeal of the style, you can include a variety of luscious potted plants.

Make It Bright

A Scandinavian dining room can’t get enough of light. Whether natural or artificial, make sure to increase the amount of light your dining room gets. If you have windows, try to avoid hard treatments and instead decorate them with sheer, flowing curtains or soft roller blinds. As for artificial illumination, hanging a large metallic chandelier over the table will instantly brighten up the space and at the same time function as a centrepiece that draws attention.