Battle Ropes – the Ultimate Gym Accessory for a Full-Body Workout


Battle ropes, also known as heavy ropes, are one of the most popular fitness accessories in the world of today. Usually used by mixed martial artists, football players and other athletes, these pieces of gym equipment are a great way to do a whole-body, high-intensity workout that gets your muscles moving in new ways. The ropes can be dragged, slammed or whipped but one of the most popular movements is the one that causes them to move in waves.

Battle ropes are mainly used for upper body exercises, but if used the right way, they can help you to work the muscles in your back, glutes, and abs as well. Plus, you can also incorporate movements like lunges, squats, and jumps while using them. Battle ropes are very simple to use, so don’t be intimidated if you are a beginner. You can find them in various widths and lengths which will affect the intensity of your training. Here are a few simple rules to follow if you want to make the most out of your gym sessions using battle ropes.battle ropes

Move in different directions. Use the ropes while performing different movements in order to work out different muscles. For example, if you go side to side – you work out your core and hips. On the other hand, when you move the rope in a circle – you are improving the mobility of your shoulders and range of motion – thus improving your endurance and lowering the risks of injury.

Use the rope widely. Most people use battle ropes at the end of their workout session or use them to do one exercise only in one larger circuit. You can use the rope for different types of exercises and make each of them for 10 minutes, or you can do one exercise only for 20 minutes. Doing one task for a prolonged period of time will make you more focused and help you build more strength.

Adjust the resistance. Stepping toward the anchor point increases the intensity level of your exercise and vice versa. Moving away from it decreases it. The best way is to adjust the slack so you can be able to complete every set of exercise. For example, when doing a battling-rope workout, alternate between one minute farther away to the anchor point and two minutes closer. The time spent farther is actually meant for your active recovery.

When it comes to types of exercises you can perform with this piece of equipment, battling-rope waves and battling-rope crossovers are the most popular ones. With the first one, you will work your arms independently while your muscles are under tension the whole time. With crossovers, you will hammer your core and build more power.