Father’s Day Gift Ideas that Will Warm His Heart


It might be too early for Father’s Day, but it surely isn’t early to think about his present. And this time, aside from giving him an actual gift, you can choose to do something together as well. There really are some heart-warming gift ideas for Father’s Day that you can use this year and turn this day into the most magical one so far. Just make sure you don’t forget about adding a gift card with a personal and touchy message.

Treat Him with a Craft Beer Box and Host a Beer Tasting Party

craft beer father day gift
source: bcaletrail.ca

If your father loves drinking and trying out new kinds of beer, then you should certainly choose from the huge range of Fathers Day beer gifts. You can choose from different beer packs in many sizes and types of packaging. Consequently, you can choose from bottled or canned beers coming from a different origin.

Except for the large selection of Australian craft Fathers Day beer giftsyou can also choose from the array of foreign tasty beers. You can even make an assortment box that contains beers from all around the world and treat your father to something new every day. German, Belgian, Swedish and American are some of the many options from which you can choose. The choice is up to you!

But the one thing that you can be sure of is that you’ll put a huge smile on his face with a gift like this. And the surprise would be even better if you pamper him with a beer subscription of your choice. Now, as a cherry on top, you can host a beer tasting party that same day and try the beers together. If planning on giving him a subscription, but still wanting to surprise him with a beer box so you could try and taste it together, choose a craft beer with an assortment of lagers and ales from local and international brewers.

Try fathers day beer gift baskets together while having a real snack table which you could savour throughout the day. The fun and good time will be guaranteed since you’ll spend some quality time with your “old man” while catching up on lots of things. This day should be all about you, so you can always make it more fun by watching a game together, or even better, by playing one.

Pamper Him with a Microphone and Organise a Karaoke Party

fathers day microphone karaoke gift
source: buzzfeed.com

There’s no party like a karaoke party, that’s for sure. If you and your family love to sing, laugh, prank and simply have fun together, then throwing a karaoke party will be an amazing gift for this Father’s Day. But a party like this wouldn’t be complete without having a good microphone. Buying a microphone can be your father’s actual gift that he and every one of you could use at the party.

Instead of splurging on a bulky karaoke machine, you can invest in a small but mighty all-in-one USB microphone that you can use with your computer, laptop or TV. The greatest benefit of all about owning a microphone is that it doesn’t need any special audio equipment or tool in order to run. Travel-friendly, small and available in a range of types and designs, you can certainly choose one that will best meet your father’s character and needs.

In the end, even if you choose the most basic model of microphone, still you can have fun with all the family. Just warm up with some drinks and let the music guide you. Pass the mic to him and watch him bring down the house with his amazing karaoke skills. As a bonus, all of your family will get ‘infected’ by this amazing mood and the fun and party may ‘escalate’ even more when your dad shows his dance moves.

And we all know that the fun begins once your dad starts showing his dance moves, right?! It’s so contagious and fun that probably all of you’ll join him after a while. The fun and good time will be guaranteed, and this memory will stay with you forever. What’s best is that you can throw a karaoke party whenever you want, and all of this well-spent time will help your family bond even more.

Surprise Him with a Tent and Go Camping Together

fathers day gift camping tent
source: protips.dicksssportinggoods.com

If your dad is an adventurer and loves spending lots of time in nature, you can go camping together this Father’s Day. No matter how old the both of you are, you can still experience and enjoy the beauty of sleeping under a starry sky, roasting marshmallows and telling stories.

You can even go on a family camping trip together with the whole family. For that reason, you can choose a larger tent that is spacious enough for all of you. Regardless of the type and size of tents you choose, what matters the most is choosing a quality design that has good ventilation. Once done, make sure to take with you all of the other essentials like sleeping bags, utensils, food, water, a first aid kit (just in case) and of course more clothes in case you’re planning to stay for several days.