Skateboarding: An Ideal Sport for Kids


You know how sometimes in life, as you grow you tend to forget things that once brought you so much joy? For me it was skateboarding. It sure had its ups and downs making its way as a sport, but its fame still hasn’t waned, and is as much as during my childhood the sport for everyone in search of some adrenaline rush – the sport of rebels.

As parents usually do with their kids, they urge them to pursue hobbies they once had, or didn’t do, in the hope of future success, I did the same with my son. Not in the way of suggestion, no, in my case I was lucky it came to be through my son’s interest, when he accidentally found my old skateboard in the garage. From then on you can imagine, we’ve started conquering the neighbourhood pavements together.

As a parent, I see exactly how worried my parents were watching me carry on with this hobby, but knowing how this sport is closely, there’s no reason for fear, that’s what skateboard elbow and knee pads are here for, along with the helmet. Not only is there a variety of styles and sizes, but of materials as well, and thanks to the latest technology, the designs have changed for the better infinitely, like the flexible, soft, and unnoticeable hip pads.

Skateboard Elbow And Knee Pads

Since my son wasn’t mastering the balance easily, it took him some time to get used to the skateboard, as well as specific turns, and tricks, so along with the skateboard elbow and knee pads, and the helmet, I got him the hip and wrist pads, and of course, a pair of gloves. You might imagine he looked like the Michelin Man on wheels, but he was having fun same way, and I had the peace of mind knowing he would master the basics without any significant injury.

Each day he gains more confidence on the skateboard so you can guess how proud I am with every new trick he learns. Apart from the fun, he gets to have a nice lesson about how not to give up, but rather persist in the things he does, so he’d get the success he wants, and need I even mention the full workout! This sort of exercise is important especially in the world of today when kids of all ages become addicted to screen time and prefer being couch potatoes.

All in all, I’d say it’s the perfect sport as it helps with balance, and muscle development, so I recommend more parents to consider it as an option for their kids to stay active. As long as they wear the proper protection, there’s no need to fret.