Ski Gear: Essentials You Need to Hit the Slopes


Though winter is coming to an end, not all of us are as excited about this; after all not everyone has “invincible summer” in them, to quote Albert Camus. Yes, as odd as it may sound, there are those brave of us who aren’t afraid of the winter blues.

So what are we to do when it comes to keeping up with the favourite winter hobby, skiing, and winter is passing us by? Why, hit the European slopes! When I say European, I mean the breathtaking Alps and the cosy ski resorts.

Before you start booking, remember it’s important to purchase the essentials of ski gear Australia retailers and specialised shops with knowledge and passion for the sport, so you can be sure of the quality of the items. Ski gear is so much more than skis.

ski gear australia
While you may think you can save up by buying something cheap, not caring about low quality, it means you can end up with gear that would add up for a bad skiing experience. Why is quality important you wonder? Because it implies comfort, warmth, and dryness. The last thing you need is going through the slopes all wet, about to catch a cold.

Taking skiing seriously, you should consider the purchase of ski gear Australia shops offer as an investment for years to come. Starting from safety, you can’t do without a helmet, since skiing requires a great deal of movements and sometimes you can risk falling, so you never know when an accident is just waiting to happen.

Though not always considered necessity, goggles are a must; winter sun is just as harmful as it is during summer, but sunglasses aren’t that suitable since goggles are specialised, and moreover, you can boast with the goggle tan afterwards.

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Apart from protecting you from the damaging UV rays especially at the high altitudes, they are created to reduce the glare, provide you with the maximum field of vision, stay put so you don’t have to worry they would fall off while you’re skiing, and protect you from the debris flying off.

When it comes to layering your body, it’s best to avoid cotton altogether, and go for something that ensures great insulation and keeps you dry, like wool, bamboo, or synthetics. Maybe apart from underwear you don’t like wearing another near-body layer, but it helps if you do as it wicks sweat away.

The outer layer, like jackets and pants, has to have waterproof properties, be comfortable enough and not constricting, provide breathability, and plenty of zipped compartments for the bits and pieces you carry with you. Pair that with the insulating gloves and headband and you can wave frostbite goodbye.