Pergo Flooring: The Reason You’d Love Laminate


Trends come and go, and they certainly don’t appear so that we’d all follow them in a herd-like behaviour. I’m not one of those who simply must accept all trends as they are and be a slave to fashion, but when it comes to trends related to interior designs I’m all ears. Minimalism has certainly won my attention, particularly because of the openness and cleanliness that are attributed to it. I know many are adopting a full minimal lifestyle, and convince others to join the club, but don’t worry, my post isn’t going to be one of those posts.


I myself am not the staunch minimalist so who am I to convince you about it, right? Now then, the reason I mentioned minimalism in the first place has to do with flooring. As soon as I started considering welcoming this style at home, I started thinking of getting rid of all the carpets around once I realised how much of allergy sources they are. Right when I had definitely made up my mind on following through with this interior change, I was faced with the reality of the awful state my wood flooring was in so you can imagine this brought to the start of a quest for the perfect replacement. That’s how I came to know of the Pergo flooring option.

The history of Pergo goes all the way back to 1977 when the leading Swedish chemical company Perstorp came up with the idea for laminate flooring. Thanks to the unique European designs, along with the unmatched durability, laminate Pergo flooring has become the worldwide primary choice when laminate is in question. It’s the trend of trends! Deciding on which design to implement wasn’t that easy because I fell in love with all of them, the beauty of the continuous Endless Plank boards, the chalked look of Natural Variation… In the end it was the rustic wood look that won me over. It’s the kind of beauty I can easily incorporate with the rest of the interior style, and the one I have no intention to hide with carpet covering.

The protective layers of this flooring make it wear and impact resistant, and oh, scratch resistant as well, so if you have pets and toddlers who love dragging objects around, you won’t have to worry about possible damages. Another great thing about it is the easy installation due to the boards’ click-together joints so if you feel like taking matters into your own hands, you could save on hiring professionals to do the installation. Once you have it, make sure you do the bit of cleaning and maintenance to prolong durability.