LED Light Your Landscape for Drama and Give Your Home More Curb Appeal


Many garden owners will agree with me that a nice landscape goes a long way in adding more curb appeal to the house. At day, the colourful flower beds and meticulously trimmed bushes outside your home give it a lovely romantic mood. But when the sun goes down, the landscape is a world away from its benign self. At night the garden can become either a shadowy mess or a dramatic outdoor space, depending on your choice of lighting. When done right, decorative lighting can enrich the night landscape with some mystery and excitement, and illuminate it for some outdoor entertainment.

Led Decking Lights2

Concerning outdoor decorative lighting, LED is definitely the frontrunner. Not only is outdoor LED lighting a green option that helps save the planet, but it’s also an energy-efficient technology that helps reduce you electricity bills up to 75%. Moreover, LEDs are a lot more luminous than incandescent or halogen bulbs, which makes them the appropriate choice for large open spaces like the garden is.

LED lampposts are a great way to illuminate a large garden area, while adding drama reminiscent of old baroque castles. Placing two adjacent ones on the entrance of the yard can make a striking impact on everyone walking in.

exterior Led wall lights

Uplights are a type of outdoor LED lighting that has solely a decorative purpose. Placing some around the base of a tree helps accentuate its shape. In addition, the shadows made by the light hitting the tree’s foliage makes for some stunning visual effects. If your garden lacks trees, you can use these lights for highlighting outdoor furniture or additional elements such as sculptures or a fountain. However you decide to use them, uplights always help achieve a theatrical atmosphere.

If you have a taste for the dramatic and want your landscape to reflect that, then LED strips might be just for you. Snaking up a tree’s trunk, these colourful tapes will bring excitement and liveliness to the dark setting. You can also place them along the edges of your house to accentuate its architectural features or around a patio to set it apart from the rest of the garden. With a sleek look and coming in many different colours, strip lights are designed with the modern home in mind.

When on the topic of outdoor LED lighting, we should not forget stair lights. They are small subtle flickers that summon you to the front porch and assure you won’t trip climbing up the stairs. Stair lights can also be used for highlighting any raised platform like a patio in a chic unobtrusive way, if you are not a fan of strip lighting. Whatever your preferred choice of fixtures is, try to plan out a scheme before installing, or contact outdoor lighting professionals who can give you some expert tips and ideas to work with.