Tips on How to Style Your Blazer Jacket


If you think that blazer jackets are meant just for the office, you may be missing some fashions trends. Celebrities, bloggers, and fashion experts wear them for pretty much any occasion – from brunch to date night.

The formal, tick (and a little boring) blazer jackets from a few decades ago have gotten a whole new dimension. While ladies formal blazers now have a ton of new trendy additions, the informal ones have greatly evolved. This is, in fact, the reason why we see an increasing number of women sporting them. If you too are looking to enter into the blazer jacket style game, here is everything you need to know about how to wear a ladies blazer jacket.

Get a Relaxed-Fit Suit and Wear the Pieces Separately

Relaxed-fit suits

Oversized blazers are trendy now. While a classic, great-fitting blazer jacket is a wardrobe staple, there are many great oversized ladies blazer jacket models available too. A shopping tip to keep in mind here is: try finding a relaxed-fit suit that you can wear beyond the office. This way you can maximize how you style the pieces as separates. For a relaxed and polished look, get a light pink or lavender suit. They will pair well with a blouse and heels or a tee and sneakers. These colours are also expressive without being overwhelming.

Blazer With Casual Bottoms, Like a Jeans

Laides blazers

One of the most common ways to style blazers is pairing them with unexpected and contrasting pieces, like a really casual pair of jeans or track pants and tee shirts or sweatshirts. When it comes to how to wear a blazer with jeans, it’s really hard to go wrong with this outfit combination. Still, there are some things you might want to keep in mind. For example, balance is key when pairing a blazer with jeans. If you choose a blazer jacket with a more relaxed fit, it will probably look better with slimmer jeans. Or you could opt for a more fitted blazer with a wider pair of jeans. Complete the look with a blouse or tee-shirt, heels or sneakers, depending on the occasion.

Blazer With a Button-Down Shirt

Blazer with a button-down shirt

Blazers for work used to mean a complete matching suit, but today things have changed. While it is totally fine to wear matching suits, matching separates is the new norm. A pencil skirt and a white button-down shirt with a brown checkered single-breasted blazer look stylish.

Blazer With a Turtleneck T-Shirt and Converse Shoes

Blazer and converse shoes

Turtleneck t-shirts are super cute and effortlessly stylish. You can up this already stylish game by simply throwing on a blazer of your choice. Completing the look with converse shoes will make the outfit quite the charmer.

Blazer With Loosen Outfits

Blazer over a hoodie

Wearing a blazer over something that is well fitted has been the norm for the longest time. But guess what? That norm is changing too. Wearing an oversized blazer over an urban hoodie, for example, is a great way to rock your urban outfits.

Blazer, Shorts and a Scarf

Blazer, shortsw and a scarf

Who said you cannot wear a blazer with shorts? For a cool outfit, pair a plain V-neck T-shirt with light washed denim shorts and a loose-fit blazer. Finish the look with a pair of pumps, a satin scarf and a small body bag.

Two Button Blazer for Work

Two button blazer for work

For an important meeting or interview, invest in a formal two-button blazer. Black, blue and grey blazers are versatile and can be played around with different kinds of outfits. It will be all about how creative you can get and how to make it seems new every time.

How to Choose a Blazer

Lady's blazer

In order to look good, first of all, a blazer needs to fit you right. Here are some quick points to consider when buying a blazer.


The seams of the blazer’s shoulder should end on your natural shoulder.

Arm Length

When choosing blazers you can opt for a full-length arm style or three-quarter length. Just make sure the arm length isn’t too long or short if you do opt for a full arm style.


There are also many styles to choose from, and they will each be flattering for different body shapes. Go with what looks best on you. For example, open front blazers don’t have any buttons enclosing them. They tend to have a trapped look and are very flattering for women with larger bust sizes. Belted blazers usually have buttons and are reflective of a more structure open front blazer. They can create either a straight or peplum style silhouette, which can be very helpful in creating an illusion of a more defined waist. Single-breasted blazer styles feature a single row of buttons to close the blazer. These blazers give a great waist and of very flattering for inverted triangle body-shape women.

The Occasion

Are you looking for a blazer to wear over an evening dress, for work, or to pop over your jeans for a casual look? It’s a good idea to have a few styles to choose from in your closet.