5 Cool Gift Ideas for Girls They Will Love


We always want to please our little girls and we do everything to make them happy, from making their favourite food to choosing the perfect wallpaper and decorations for their room. But finding gifts that will put a smile on their face isn’t an easy task at all. Although most kids will tell you what they want if you ask them, sometimes, they genuinely don’t know or you want it to be a surprise. There’s always another occasion for a gift and ideas run out fast.

Nowadays, kids don’t want some static toys that they’ll get bored with within two days. They love challenges and learning new things. So, getting them a gift that they can use for fun and learn something new along the way will keep them engaged for a long time. And, who knows, maybe they’ll discover their future hobby.

Choose the Right Roller Skates That Your Girl Will Adore

picture of a girl in a hall riding roller skates
source: Andi Bocsardi on Unsplash

If your girl doesn’t have roller skates, you should really consider them as your next gift. Skating is fun for everyone. It can be a hobby that you’ll practice together. Learning how to roller skate is a great way to exercise more and improve balance and flexibility. So, choose a pair of durable girls skates and surprise your little one.

Skates made for children are smaller and their boots are suitable for their feet to ensure stability. Since kids grow up fast, you’d want to buy a bigger size so they can make good use of them. But be careful. You don’t want to go more than one size bigger because it can hurt their feet and cause blisters. Always make sure that the skates are tightly tied for good support.

Quad skates are usually recommended for beginners. The reason for this is that they have four wheels and a wider base which makes them more stable. Many of them come with a toe stop in the front which can be used as a brake and this type of girls skates are adjustable. This means that they allow you to find the perfect fit and adjust the roller skates as your girl grows up. They can even give you four sizes in one pair of girls roller skates.

You don’t want skates with plastic wheels because they slip and break easily. Choose quality urethane instead. It allows for indoor or outdoor use, it’s smooth, durable, and provides a great grip.

When it comes to the design of girls skates, there are endless possibilities. You can find roller skating shoes for girls in any colour that you want. They can be your little girl’s favourite colour or they can be a mix of various colours. Pick plain roller skates or go bold with interesting patterns. Some skates have a more modern look and others have that classical retro design. Whichever ones you choose, be sure your princess will adore them.

Instant Camera for Memories That’ll Last

picture of a girl with an instant camera
source: Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Kids love taking photos, especially girls. That’s what they use their smartphones for. But for girls that aren’t old enough to own a smartphone or for those that like hanging their memories on the wall, an instant camera would be an excellent gift.

As the name implies, these cameras print out photos immediately. Wherever your little princess goes, she’ll be able to document her favourite moments and share them with you. Modern instant cameras offer many features, like a variety of colours, lens for close-ups, build-in flash, mode for dramatic effects, numerous filters for customising images, selfie mirrors, and many more.

Choose a Guitar for Your Little Rockstar

picture of a girl playing guitar in front a wall
source: Felix Koutchinski on Unsplash

If your girl enjoys music, a guitar would be the perfect gift to impress her. They’ll enjoy being able to play and sing their favourite songs. Plus, playing an instrument comes with many benefits. It can make your girl more responsible because she’ll need to take care of it. It’ll make her more confident because she’ll have mastered a new skill. And it’ll improve her memory skills.

Guitars for kids are cheaper and come in different sizes, but they have standard guitar strings and tuning. If you think that it’ll be hard for her to start with six strings, you can go for a guitar with fewer strings. They can be acoustic or electric and which one you’ll choose depends on your child’s preference.

For Harmless Fun, Go for Scooters

kid on a scooter in the street
source: 小谢 on Unsplash

Scooters are another great gift idea that’s worth considering. They’re a great way for girls to look forward to going outside. Scooters come in all sizes and designs, which means that they will fit kids of any age.

They can be made of plastic, metal, or hybrid. Metal ones are more durable and heavier, so they’re suitable for bigger kids. Plastic scooters are light and mostly bought for younger kids so they can easily ride them. But they won’t last as long as the metal ones.

One important aspect of scooters is their wheels. They can be long and narrow, which are good for bumps and cracks but may be harder to control. Rubber wheels are for smoother surfaces and can go faster.

The wider the standing platform, the more suitable it is for smaller children. Thinner platforms are for bigger girls that know how to balance and have better reflexes. Also, you don’t want the surface to be smooth because it can be slippery. For this reason, choose a scooter that has a more rough surface that’s easy to stand on.

Choose a Bike as the All-Time Classic

source: Dave Kim on Unspl

Bikes can be regarded as typical and boring, but many neglect their practicality and awesomeness that make them the ultimate gift for your little princess. Teaching your kid to ride a bike is the most rewarding thing as a parent. Cycling together can be a group activity in which the entire family can participate.

You might think that riding a bike is dangerous if your girl is younger, but there are certain measures you can take to make sure she’s safe. Having the proper equipment is essential, so along with the bike, you might want to get a helmet and pads.

You don’t want a bigger bike that your girl can “grow into” because it may be harder for her to learn how to ride it and she might lose confidence. You need the right size and as your girl grows, you can raise the seat and handlebars.

She should be able to sit on the seat and rest both feet on the ground. Also, she needs to be able to comfortably reach the handlebars and handbrakes while sitting on the saddle. The bike shouldn’t be heavy so your girl can properly control it.