Pool Spa: Connecting People


A family that relaxes together, stays together. I think this should be everyone’s motto because there’s nothing more important than family or relaxation for that matter, and when you combine the two that’s when you can count on blissful days.

If there’s one thing we need more of as modern day people, it’s bonding with our loved ones; other than strengthening our most essential relationships in life, it’s also stress-relieving, so it’s great for the well-being too and highly recommended.

For us, water fun has always been the number one option, so there was no question it was going to be the relaxation we get. Since we don’t have that big of a yard for the large pool we all want, we decided to invest in a 6 person spa, which is surprisingly roomy, luxurious and has ergonomic features my kids, my husband and I get to enjoy.

Outdoor Spa

Though called a spa, it’s also a plunge pool so we still get to swim, I get to practice and teach the kids a bit of aquarobics, and what I love about it is they don’t even feel like staying physically active is something boring or so demanding that they would hate to do.

Other than this, our 6 person spa is equipped with hydrotherapy seats with a variety of massage effects, so whenever we need the great start of the week or calling it a day, we rely on the spa for relaxation. In other words, we have our own hydrotherapy sessions at home, free of charge.

Yes, it’s parents who get to feel stress on a daily basis but that doesn’t mean kids can’t benefit from hydrotherapy too. Water itself is therapeutic, calming you even when you spend some minutes simply observing it, let alone when you have a massage in your spa pool.

As said, it’s the kind of therapy that reduces stress and diminishes the damages stress can cause, reducing muscle tension, improving the circulation, boosting the immune system and encouraging detoxification, and when it comes to the benefits for kids, it’s helpful for increasing strength, improving breath control and respiration.

In case kids have gone through certain injuries like breaking a leg or suffering a joint issue, hydrotherapy is ideal for increasing the range of motion. Taking all of this into account, it turned out much better of an investment than we expected it to be so we don’t think of replacing it for anything.

What’s your family relaxing activity?