Wrangler: The Western Brand of Tradition, Innovation and Comfort


Over the years, we’ve come to look upon the fashion industry as something constantly changing, but truth be told, not all trends change. Let’s take Western for example – it’s had its highs and lows, yet as surprising as it might seem, it’s still here fashionable as ever. Though it emerged out of mere practicality for the working class, it quickly became trendy because of combining comfort and style, shown in the many classic Western films, and if you want to make the most of both and the style buy Wrangler clothing online. You don’t have to live in the Outback or have a farm to be able to wear the style.

A popular US Western wear brand, specifically based in North Carolina, it’s the symbol of tradition and innovation and you can find many of the clothing collections and pieces for men and women at retail stores, getting to choose from a variety of options of jeans, shirts, jumpers, vests, jackets and beanies, along with the wide range of hats and other accessories. Their story of success is tightly related to the beginning of production of jeans in 1947 and since then they’re known for comfort even if you wear them for hours thanks to the perfect fit and no inseams which is why they’re the favourites of cowboys, something that made them even more popular than Levi jeans.

They’ve also come to be known for the versatility, from both the washed and unwashed range, slim fit and straight leg jeans, available in different colours and styles, including those with embellishments. Even if you’re not a cowboy, you can still rock the Western-inspired trend by incorporating some pieces in your outfits; you don’t have to go for a full Western look. When you buy Wrangler clothing online you don’t have to focus only on the jeans, there’s plenty to choose from in summer and winter collections from shirts and jackets to complement your lifestyle.

Just a couple of accessories can do the trick in giving your style some of the wild Western flair, like a hat, belt or neckerchief. By choosing to wear this brand you’d be in great company since many celebrities are fans of the casual and durable Wrangler pieces, so much so that Harrison Ford even wore a pair of Wrangler jeans at his wedding. Other well familiar names and faces are Tom Hanks, David Beckham, Jared Leto and Kimi Raikkonen, so how does that sound to make Wrangler part of your life?