Elevating Your CFMoto MT800 Adventure: The Power of Aftermarket Accessories


Australia’s adventure bike market has been dominated by brands like KTM, Yamaha, and Kawasaki for decades. They’re the toughest of the tough in a land that devours bikes, but a new name has recently emerged to become one of the hardiest, and most budget-minded mid-sized bikes around CFMoto’s all-around MT800 adventurer.

If the MT800’s looks and stance seem familiar, it’s because of CFMoto’s design and engineering cooperation with KTM. The MT800’s inspiration, and even its 799cc engine and frame are borrowed from KTM’s 790 Duke and Adventure models, but they lack the solid bash plates and luggage plates that are standard on KTM-style adventure bikes. That’s why if you’re an MT800 owner and plan on spending as much time off the pavement as on it, these are areas that you’re going to want to turn to the aftermarket for.

Accessories to Turn Your CFMoto MT800 Into a Real Adventurer

Man riding CF Moto with accessories on mountain
Source: cfmoto-motorcycle.eu

With their road-oriented styling, surefooted off-road handling, and torquey bottom ends, MT800s are well-equipped adventurers that aren’t bashful about jumping into an already crowded field of adventure bikes. They’re heavier than their KTM kindred, but with the right combination of high quality CF Moto accessories, MT800s are easily capable of giving a range of options that their far costlier contemporaries can.

MT800s come in 2 production variants, Touring and the Sport models, with the Touring MT800s being the most capable for getting off the pavement. And even though they’re equipped from the factory with a range of stiffened off road accessories, they still fall short of the kind of heavy duty underbelly protection that a true adventure bike needs to avoid serious damage from rocks, roots, and ruts. Sport models don’t have any kind of underside protection at all; and neither model has adequate surface area at the rear to mount your personal preference in bike luggage if you’re not happy with the 3-piece OE set of pannier cases.

Fortunately, it only takes a few key CFMoto aftermarket parts to outfit your MT800 to tackle the worst roads, carrying your choice of gear. These are easy-to-intall parts that are designed to fit both Touring and Sport models, and they’re consistent with the affordability that CFMoto bikes are renowned for.

Sturdy Bash Plates Protect Your MT800 From Costly Damage

If you’ve ever experienced a cracked crankcase or radiator, or had a downtube broken as a result of underside rocks or debris, then you know how important it is to have a sturdy bash plate. And while Touring models of the MT800 come equipped with a bash plate, these factory units fall well short of the full wrap-around protection that aftermarket CFMoto parts and accessories provide.

An aluminium bash plate made from 4mm thick, 5083 structural alloys is what you need to protect the bottom end of your MT800, and these heavy-duty aftermarket units feature:

  • Precision cut, TIG-welded construction for maximum impact resistance;
  • Front steel mounts, with HDPE rear pipe protection; and,
  • Drilled ventilation for maximum heat dissipation, as well as water and mud evacuation.

The fact is, regardless of whether you’re riding on a sealed road or not, there’s no shortage of surface debris lying in wait to cause thousands of dollars in damage; that makes corrosion-resistant bash plates a smart installation choice for both Sport and Touring models. They’re also available with either polished, or black PPA finishes, making them a protective complement that perfectly matches any trim or paint job.

Billet Luggage Plates Let You Pack the Bags of Your Choice

Billet luggage plate on CF Moto 800
Source: bboffroad.com.au

Although the MT800s solid, predictable handling makes it the ideal bike for budget-minded riders, it doesn’t leave a lot of options when it comes to luggage. Both MT800 models are set up for CFMoto’s aluminium 2 pannier/single tail bag luggage combination, but they’re too small for anything other than modest loading, and too impractically sized for commuting or day trips.

A one-piece billet luggage plate is the answer for MT800 owners who want the ability to hit the road with a top box or duffle bag of their choice, and they boast a range of features that include:

  • A 5mm thick, 5083 structural aluminium luggage plate with mounting plate;
  • Pre-drilled for Rotopax, Overland, and GIVI Monokey fitting patterns; and,
  • A choice of polished, or black PPA finish.

A larger, more efficient luggage plate gives you the freedom to select the carry along option that’s right for you. Whether you’re taking a full 40-litre case of clothes and accoutrements to the beach for a weekend, or just need enough space to strap on a nylon bag with a camera, a few tools, and a jacket for an afternoon of off-roading, these easy-to-install aftermarket CFMoto accessories for sale give you the freedom to take as much as you need.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, from its grunty, trusted 799cc parallel twin, to its high tech TFT dashboard, the MT800 is a profound example of how a groundbreaking adventure bike doesn’t also have to be a budget breaker. There are a few areas where it could use easy improvements though, and it’s no surprise that the aftermarket has been quick to step up to fill-in on those weaknesses.

High quality aftermarket CFMoto accessories like bash plates and luggage plates help turn your MT800 into an adventurer that’s qualified to go toe-to-toe in every respect against any of its noticeably costlier competition. They’ll make you even prouder of what these new mid-sized contenders have to offer.