Read the Signs: How to Know When it’s time to Buy a New Mattress


Maybe most of you spend more time thinking if it’s time to renovate the bedroom and get a new bed frame or change the entire bedroom furniture, than if it’s time to change the mattress because it’s the main reason you can’t sleep at night. Understandable though, we’re visual creatures and it’s more than natural to assume that we’re going to opt for a new bedroom furniture instead of something we can’t really brag about, like the mattress.

However, without a good night’s sleep, I honestly doubt you can brag about anything. You’ll be cranky and nervous and all you’d be thinking about is how to insult someone. No worries, we’re all the same in this regard as sleep matters big time. But there’s a catch to the whole thing: the mattress itself is going to tell you when you need to start thinking about a new one. Yes, there are signs that show it’s time for new bed mattresses.

Stiffness, numbness and aches – getting up is simply painful
Hands and shoulders are numb, back hurts like crazy and not to talk about how painful it is to bend and get up from bed because your lower back is killing you. You’re experiencing stiffness and sleep aches, and that’s all thanks to the extremely bad position you sleep in. Moreover, it’s not because of how you have positioned yourself (because how bad can you lay down on a bed?) but more because the mattress you lay in isn’t providing you with good support.

Shadows crawling over you? No, it’s just your numb arms and legs
When you sleep on a mattress that is old and doesn’t offer enough sturdiness and body support, you’ll easily experience the awfully creepy situation we call a “ghost crawling” over you. It really feels like someone is walking over your body when in reality it’s just you becoming aware that your body is completely numb. Although this can happen to anyone who falls into a kind of ‘sleep coma’, the mattress plays a huge role. Look for quality bed mattresses that are sturdy and soft enough at the same time so you actually have a good night’s sleep without having to move from one side of the bed to another during the night.

Lumps, dipps and exposed interiors
There are no more obvious signs of a completely used and worn mattress than these. When you start noticing lumps on the mattress, you should know that it’s time to replace it. Also, if there are dipps and you feel like you’re falling in a hole everytime you sit on it, change it. No need to even mention it, but if you start seeing the inside of the mattress, then you definitely need to change it because that one is simply falling apart.

Finally, a reason to change your mattresses
If you think that all of the above aren’t that much of a big deal issues, then consider this: your beauty is measured by the good night’s sleep you get. And I know you simply aren’t ready to compromise on your beauty in order to safe a few dollars, right?