Happy Wife, Happy Life: The Ingenious Portable Infrared Sauna Dome Can be Your Ally


I’m sure you wouldn’t be surprised when I say whenever there are men and women in the same room, there’s probably an ongoing debate whether it’s cold or hot. Sure, working in the same office might be annoying enough if temperature isn’t set to your liking, but it’s much worse when it actually happens at home. That used to be the primary discussion whenever my husband and I would be in the same room; on the one hand, he’d complain my body thermoregulation must be out of order since I always asked for warmth, and I, on the other hand, would complain he liked turning the house into the Arctic. As much as I like travelling, that’s the reason why I’ve avoided a trip to Lapland (sorry Santa). I thought who needs a stay at Kakslauttanen igloo hotel when my own house feels like one!

portable infrared sauna domeThough scientists happened to have the answer as to why there are obvious differences between the temperature preferences, my SO wasn’t ready to believe it because he wasn’t ready for a defeat and handing over the air conditioner remote. Regardless of the season, we still felt the similar differences, even in spring and summer, and let’s just say things were beginning to get a bit nasty with life at home feeling like the one during Cold War, both of us preferring to stay in separate rooms instead. Little did we know the answer lied in that very same freezing part of the world, the product called portable infrared sauna dome, based on the centuries old Finnish sauna idea. After my husband read about it, he felt it’s worth giving it a try if it would help him earn my affection back.

At first I wasn’t that keen on using it, because hearing “infrared” made it sound a bit harmful to me. However, as it turns out, not only is it safe to use, but it’s very beneficial too. I didn’t only warm up, I also got my circulation improved as the far infrared rays stimulate the blood flow. Same as anything, it’s best starting up slow. Though I wanted to try having a half an hour session immediately, I had to work my way to that timing to avoid increased heart rate problems, starting by three to four minutes at 160 degrees Fahrenheit. I can’t say enough praises for the ingenious portable infrared sauna dome – its portable design is perfect for placing it in whichever room you see fit. This gives me the freedom to change its location whenever I want to get a different surrounding, or as I like to call it my home spa.

Being given it’s a sauna, I don’t have to go into all the details of the amount of detoxification going on, eliminating the toxins through sweat. I can’t say I’ve felt more energised before, and I keep looking forward to exercising more than ever because a sauna session relieves the muscle tension created throughout a workout. Catching cold, flu and viruses are a thing of the past, same as problems maintaining my weight. You can guess peace was restored once again and trouble in paradise is long gone, with my husband feeling so accomplished because he’d done such a great purchase. We no longer have to argue about temperature, and he learned what “happy wife, happy life” really means.