Ways Art Can Affect Your Home Design



There’s a reason most people include art as part of their homes. Let’s face it, nobody likes bare, boring walls! But there’s much more to artwork than just being a wall ornament. It’s one of those things that you cannot define within a single sentence. We can talk for hours about art and feel like there’s still a lot more to say. In the context of interior design, art can give you control over your space and help you achieve some great things. How, you might ask? Here’s just a glimpse of the ways art can affect your interior.

Introduce Movement

Mixed Media Artwork

In an indoor setting there’s not much movement you can observe, unless you have pets and small children running around. However, if you want to direct people’s eyes to a specific point in the room, there’s no better way to do so than with the help of art. Especially with mixed media artwork where you can observe the movement of materials happening on the piece itself. This is because a mixed media painting combines several techniques and materials, rather than a single one. For instance, a watercolour painting sprinkled with things like fabric and soil creates a 3-dimensional effect that makes the artwork “pop out” of the wall. Another way to introduce movement in the room is with art pieces that depict geometric shapes and lines.

Dictate the Colour Palette

Mixed Media Artwork

When you want to establish a colour theme or enhance an existing one, you can always turn to artwork for help. If your room lacks a vibe, try selecting an art piece that fits the size of the space and then create a colour palette influenced by the work. You can pull the accent colours from the piece and use them in pillows, candles and other decorative elements from the dominant colours in the work. If you already have a neutral colour palette in place, you can utilize it to showcase a vibrant piece of art. The contrast between crisp white walls, neutral coloured furniture and the bold pops of a bright artwork creates an eye-catching effect.

Create Balance

Mixed Media Artwork

If the room has a high ceiling but you’ve chosen modern, low furniture, introducing a piece of artwork will draw the eye upwards and balance out the space. In a similar way, avoid bringing a large piece of art into a small room, because it can appear overwhelming and make the space seem crowded. Besides balancing the scale you can also balance the texture and thematic influences in the room. By introducing mixed media artwork that uses the same textures and materials found on various elements around the room, you can achieve a more pulled together look.