Beyond Dazzling Design: Console Tables Can Serve a More Practical Purpose


Retro console tables – those long and narrow furniture pieces are in fact the most commonly used units in entryways and hallways, but recently they have found their place almost in any home area. These units have the power to add style to your entryway and make your home a more welcoming and pleasant place to be. Although the main purpose is to store your car keys, the well-decorated retro console tables can completely transform your space, giving it more charm and style.

Console Table

Before we go over the ideas about how to make a stylish statement with retro looking consoles, you need to go online, do a through research and find a reliable store that can offer you a wide range of fancy and quality console tables for sale. This is the only way you can be sure that you will find quality console tables for sale that will meet both your personal preferences and budget as well.

You can also do an online search and see some of the most interesting console table décor ideas that will make your home look and feel better.

Entryway Console

The first and main purpose of console table is to add beauty and functionality to the entryway. Retro console table, in particular, will provide the entryway with a strong focal point as it is the first impression your guests receive once they enter your home.
According to interior designers, the best-decorated console table is the one that can mix style and function. For example, you can adorn the light wooden and retro looking console table with a mirror, lamp and family photos in order to become the perfect spot that will welcome your guests. If there are no drawers, you can place a small bowl next to your picture frame and keep your keys there.

Console Table

TV Stand

Since console tables are naturally narrow, they can take up less floor space, which means that they can be easily used as a TV stand or media centre. If you intend to use the console table as a TV stand, make sure you choose a sturdy one that will be durable enough to hold your TV and one that is wide enough to accommodate the cable box, stereo and DVD player.

Bedroom Vanity

Depending on the style of your bedroom, you can choose a console table and turn it into a bedroom vanity by hanging a mirror above it. Choose the right type of chair put it underneath it and choose a delicate table lamp to finish this dress up and prep spot.
In case you choose a console without drawers, put all your jewellery into a nice box and place it along with your perfume bottles on your console table. To make it more personal you can place a nice vase with your favourite flowers.

A Home Bar

In case you choose a console table with open shelving you can use it as your own home bar. That way, you will have an easier access to your beverages and show off the beautiful colour of the bottles and glassware. When throwing a party, you can place a tray on top of the console table and keep your fresh ingredients in it.