Patio Planter Box: Ramp Up Style and Make Your Patio Shine


Did you know that you can totally change the look of your patio or balcony with just a few well-arranged patio planter boxes filled with the right plants? While many tend to turn to intensive décor projects to make their outdoor space more enjoyable, setting outdoor patio planter boxes can be easily done in a weekend. From traditional raised beds to modern planters, feel free to use the following ideas to get inspired and add some glamour to your outdoor space.

Plant a privacy wall

A long, low patio planter box (or a couple of them placed one next to another) filled with palms or tall plants is an effective way to achieve privacy on an urban balcony. Ask you local garden centre to help you choose plant varieties that will do well in the conditions on your balcony.


Create privacy with high planters

Place some high planters around your patio, deck or balcony filled with tall grass or lush greenery and add trailing flower to create a natural privacy screen. You can also place a regular patio planter box on top of a low wall to obtain a similar effect.


Create a formal garden feel with identical planters

Place a few identical pots filled with neatly trimmed topiary on your patio to create a look and feel of a formal garden. Tall and sleek planters featuring a modern look would be the best option here.


Try mixing plants in a single planter

While this can be a fun experience, it can be also hard to know which plants to combine. Take a look at this hand guide to create amazing flower blends.


Take an idea from cafes

Create a defined patio space within a large yard with large planters around the border. Create an entrance with planters placed apart from each other and filled with trees and to complete the look add umbrellas placed strategically.


When shopping for patio planter boxes, you will come across types that can house all kinds of flowers, plants, and even fruit and vegetables. Depending on the type of plants you are planning to plant, along with other factors such as self-watering systems and drainage, you will have several options to choose from. It is important to keep in mind also your lifestyle before selecting a planter. For example, if you live a busy life watering your plants may be a problem. In that case, a planter that feature a self-watering system may be the ideal option for you.