Local Food Wholesalers: The Backbone of Every Successful Restaurant


Opening a small, cosy restaurant in Melbourne is a lifelong dream of yours. It’s the world’s friendliest city, what can go wrong? So, finally, you decide to take a big leap towards bringing your vision to life, just like thousands of other like-minded individuals before you.

With more than 4600 cafes and restaurants, Melbs is a foodies’ paradise, which means competition is fierce, and you must learn how to swim with the big fish in food service to succeed.

What Makes a Good Restaurant?

Usually, when you think of your ideal venue, the first things that come to mind are the ambience and interior design. It’s what makes it your “dream place”. And sure, these things are important for attracting guests and making them feel nice and comfortable. It’s also what makes the place “instagrammable”.

But what really keeps those guests coming back is the food. You can have the most expensive interior and polished staff uniforms to reel in guests, but if the food is subpar, chances are you won’t be seeing their faces ever again.

That’s why your priority should be selecting a reliable food supplier from the long list of wholesalers Melbourne has to offer. This sole step can help you climb up in the food service industry and save you hours, if not days of hassle.

Isn’t hiring a skilled chef more important? No. You can hire the most talented kitchen staff and provide them with cutting-edge equipment like innovative machinery, professional knives and so forth, but without quality ingredients, all your efforts will likely be for nothing.

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What Makes a Good Distributor?

Wondering how you should choose the correct supplier in the vast sea of Melbourne food distributors? It’s definitely not an easy job. Being one of the secrets of running a successful restaurant, it’s natural to be well-kept by the respective owners. That means that it requires research and know-how on your part.

Easier said than done, but you may even need to spy on your competition to learn where they get those premium, tender cuts of Angus beef Filet Mignon or that bold, full-flavour Parmigiano Reggiano. Of course, you can just wait and see who delivers their orders, no need to go full James Bond on this one.

Espionage isn’t your thing? So how does one uncover the top wholesalers Melbourne restaurants turn to for quality meat, dairy and produce? Truth be told, what works for them, might not work for you. It may be even better to learn a thing or two about what makes a good distributor. Here are some wholesale tips to help you narrow down your choices.


First things first, you need to choose a reputable distributor who can meet your demands for fresh food supplies. It’s a fact that high-quality, fresh ingredients are key for any wholesome, visually appealing and tasty meal. That’s why leading eateries in Melbourne often choose fresher, locally produced ingredients for their menu.

Pro Tip: Don’t take anyone’s word for it, ask for samples! Having the option to try their products adds peace of mind because you can ensure that they taste and look delicious and suit your needs.

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That’s not to say that you should sleep on frozen and pre-made foods. These options can save you and your staff valuable time and effort. Some seemingly simple foods such as onion rings, French fries and the like can be a real pain in the neck to prepare in large quantities.

Having the repetitive manual tasks of peeling, cutting and breading out of your hair can cut the work in half. That’s why it’s good if your prospective wholesaler can offer this option as well.


There’s nothing worse than revisiting a place because you liked the food the first time, only to be disappointed by some mush on your plate. It’s paramount to choose a supplier who can deliver quality on a constant basis. Running a successful restaurant is a journey in which you have to be consistent, otherwise, your guests will be quick to move on to their next favourite spot.


One little mistake in your planning and you’re out of the most sought-after entrée on the menu. Flexible food suppliers can help you respond quickly in sudden emergencies and unpredictable situations.


The food service Melbourne wide thrives on the back of local wholesalers and vice versa. It’s an unbreakable link that feeds both parties. You need to build a solid relationship with your suppliers through clear communication and honesty so you can better your business in the future. Talk regularly about ever-changing customer demands, needs, and expectations to find mutual solutions that work for you and your suppliers.


An often overlooked aspect that can save you precious time – an easy ordering process. In this day and age, no one should bother with constant calls back and forth and piles of paper. Look for suppliers with a functional online platform that brings a whole warehouse to your fingertips so you can order anytime, anywhere.


Does wholesale mean cheaper? Yes, but that doesn’t always mean better, especially in the food industry. Once you’ve determined how much you’re willing to pay, compare the pricing of different vendors to find a suitable match for your budget.

However, instead of looking for the lowest prices, look for the highest value for money. Of course, you must take the cost into account, but you shouldn’t forget about quality, reliability, and service as well.


Last but not least, a speedy, timely delivery you can rely on is vital for running your kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you’ve selected the best ingredients at the best price, if you don’t have the goods before it’s time to open the doors to your guests, you’re in a pickle while being out of pickles too.

Closing Thoughts

With that being said, you can now start your hunt for your prospective food suppliers. Remember that bit about going out and spying on your competition? You don’t actually have to go outside to do so, you can get all the work done online without leaving your post.