A pair of goggles might not be the most important piece of snowboarding equipment, but it is required in order to have great visibility. Although they seem quite simple to choose from, there are actually some features that can alter the type of experience you’ll have on the slopes. Like for instance.

Lens Shape

When it comes to the shape of the goggle lenses, you get two options, spherical and cylindrical and while the latter is cheaper, it certainly can’t provide you with the same benefits as the former. Cylindrical lenses offer good performance since they are curved only horizontally while snow goggles with spherical lenses are curved horizontally as well as vertically which helps reduce sun glare. Spherical lenses although make for more expensive goggles they don’t distort your vision.


FOV is short for “Field of Vision” which is the ability for the goggles to allow you to have a 180° view from one side to the other. But in order to keep this feature fully functional, make sure you get a pair with scratch-resistant lenses and anti-fogging goggles. For those of you that wear prescription glasses, you definitely need to look for OTG (over-the-glasses) snow goggles which can fit you accordingly without compromising your vision.

Interchangeable Lenses

Since differently coloured lenses are used for different weather conditions, having the ability to change them during the day so you can have the best viewing experience is key. This makes for a versatile pair of goggles that will give you the best performance no matter the weather conditions. Just make sure you get the required differently coloured lenses in order to make this feature useful.

Foam & Vents

The foam in any pair of goggles has its own life span but if you go for a more squishy one, at least you will get a comfortable pair that won’t start to hurt your face after a while. Vents are also an important part which helps reduce fogging by allowing air to circulate freely, but in order to get the best airflow look for googles that have vents both on the top and bottom.


Here what’s most important is the material that’s used. The majority of straps are made so they are easy to stretch but it is recommend to go for goggles that have straps with added rubber or silicone on them so they don’t fall off or dangle around.