The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in our home. It is the place where we start and end the day and where we want to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Because of this, we put more attention to its interior design and make sure to add details that will evoke calmness and serenity. There are plenty of ways to make the empty walls in your bedroom more interesting. Time for some design levelling up.

Wall hangings

If you want to add more texture and dimension to your blank wall, wall hangings are a great choice. You can mix and match different colours and materials so you can create a wall that will perfectly match the furniture and the other decorations in your bedroom. Wall hangings are amazing pieces of hanging decor that can add more interest to the heart of your home. For example, you can use pieces in bright colours for a soothing effect which will still add some depth to the room. For a more unique feel, you can choose some more traditional artworks. The right choice of wall hangings can be the cherry on the cake and make the room more complete. The key is to get pieces of hanging decor that you really love so you won’t get bored from seeing them after a while.


How many of you would consider hanging plants on their bedroom wall? Probably just a few. Yes, plants are not the most basic decor for bedrooms, especially not for decorating a wall. But having in mind that they produce oxygen, they are a good choice of hanging decor for anyone who doesn’t like shelves or printed arts. They will instantly make your bedroom more alive and fresher. For this project, you can install some simple shelves where you can place the plants or just buy a few hanging planters. There are some really amazing hanging planters on the market that can perfectly fit the style of your bedroom. Honestly, they look much better than a simple shelve for plants. They will add more drama and uniqueness to your room, helping you create your zen zone with ease.


Another simple but powerful way to add colour and texture to your bedroom is installing a wallpaper. If you are going with this idea, then you need to cover the entire wall behind your bed leaving all the other walls in one colour. There is an endless number of wallpapers to choose from, all coming in different patterns, textures, colours, and designs. If you do not want to leave the other walls of the room white and want to add some colour, make sure you use shades that are similar to the colours of your wallpaper. The colours used in the room must complement each other, otherwise, you will break the entire feel and look of the bedroom.