Hamptons Style Furniture: Turn Your Home Into a Coastal Dream


If you enjoy the peace and ease the beach provides, you must love spaces that reflect that breezy, beach-like feel, aka the Hamptons design style. This design mixes relaxing, natural colours with contemporary minimalism while allowing for glorious indoor-outdoor living. The designs of New York’s luxurious properties in and around the Hamptons coastal area served as the model for the Coastal, Country, and Modern Hamptons.

Unsurprisingly, Aussies love the Long Island vibes, adopting and making them their own. After all, we’re fortunate to have a climate, lifestyle, and emphasis on the shore similar to this lush summer getaway. So, why not make it suit the Australian way of life and put our signature on it?

What Defines Hamptons Style?

home with Hamptons furniture and good day light
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The Hamptons style is an elegant and refined version of the popular coastal design. Imagine an open floor plan with walls panelled in light grey and white, and wooden floors to provide warmth with a pop of blue in the furnishings and décor. Materials like sisal and linen to create beautiful layers of texture genuinely set the tone for this seaside chic look. It emphasises features in hues drawn from coastal living, from white and neutral shades of sand to green and various blue tones found on our stunning beaches.

The love of natural materials characterises our Australian take on Hampton’s design, a muted colour scheme, and indoor-outdoor living. But we offer a more modern, contemporary twist than a classic vibe. For example, when browsing the range of elegant and chic coastal furniture in Australia, you’ll find couches with slipcovers that are more comfortable to settle into than sofas with rolled arms and tufted backs.

How to Furnish Hamptons Style?

There are too many alternatives for Hamptons-style furniture, so it’s a special category. Therefore, you’ll find it much easier to find the proper parts if you know what to look for. Keep the following points in mind when looking for coastal furniture in Australia.

Curved Shapes and Cosy Upholstery

When choosing furniture, especially sofas and armchairs, it’s crucial to include curved shapes to give the room a refined and elegant feel. These curving shapes add to the Hamptons style’s widespread elegance and cosiness to create a welcoming ambience. Comfortable upholstery guarantees that furniture offers sufficient comfort, promoting a carefree and easygoing atmosphere. Natural materials are used extensively in Hamptons-style homes. Natural linen, washed cotton, marble, rattan, sisal, jute, and wool are excellent materials alternatives for incorporating texture and character into your house.

Large, Oversized Lounges and Chairs

Hamptons home with various quality furniture
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Consider large, comfortable couches and chairs in neutral fabrics like cotton or linen for a touch of the beach. These go well with functional and stylish console tables or cabinets in light or distressed wood. You can also incorporate some rattan or wicker pieces for a hint of seaside. Even though larger pieces are fantastic, it’s crucial to maintain the room’s sensation of spaciousness to create a cosy yet luxurious balance.

When talking oversized, think about a huge hanging egg chair as the epitome of seaside chic. It can complete your Hamptons retreat with the vivid green greenery, light grey exterior paint and white railings. Wonderful indoor and outdoor egg chair options include wicker, rattan, and linen upholstery.

Studded Detailing and Tufted Fabrics

Tufted textiles and stud details are the main characteristics of the classic Hampton furniture. You can choose upholstery with tufting for a touch of sophistication and a timeless character that enhances the room’s overall elegance. Furniture with studded detailing, common on sofas and chairs, looks even more sophisticated. These little touches improve the visual appeal and show how well-made and high-quality the work is, so they’re great for adding a touch of class to the Australian Hamptons-inspired home.

Natural and Solid Wood

For Hampton’s design to have its classic, seaside look, natural and substantial wood—like teak—is essential. The idea of bringing the outside in is strengthened by natural wood finishes, which offer cosiness and a sense of connection to the natural world. Additionally, furniture made of solid wood adds to the design’s durability. The wood selection complements the style’s emphasis on long-lasting, premium materials, making the investment much more beneficial.

Traditional Elements

Signature aspects of Hamptons-style furniture include flared or moulded edges, cross detailing, and pedestal legs, among other classic motifs. You can create a sensation of visual lightness with pedestal legs, and the cross ornamentation adds an elaborate and classic appeal. Furniture pieces get an elegant look when their edges are moulded or flared. These traditional elements are essential to the design’s sophistication and aren’t merely decorative.

Complementary Patterns

Selecting complementary designs is a terrific technique to make an environment that flows and is well-coordinated. It’s crucial because it lessens the possibility of inconsistent design or visual disharmony in the area. Furniture pieces with uniform finishes, detailing, and styles produce a smooth and well-groomed appearance. Therefore, we advise you to make sure that every item fits. One of the essential components of the Hamptons style is a cohesive aesthetic, which would not be present otherwise.