Top Office Layout Ideas to Get the Creative Juices Flowing


If you are considering redecorating your office in an attempt to make it cooler and more modern, know that depending on the kind of work that you perform in it, you can design it in several ways to make your employees happier and more productive. After all, who wouldn’t like sitting on bean bags and working on a laptop, right? But not all kinds of office jobs will benefit most from this set up. Still, that doesn’t mean your office layout has to be boring. I browsed some cool office ideas that stray away from your typical 9-5 office set up. Let’s get creative!

contemporary office chair

The Recharge Office

I’m not talking about recharging your phones or devices here, but designating a space where employees can have some truly quiet time where they can relax and recharge their batteries. This is one of the key office trends of 2018. To create this environment, use room dividers to designate separate meeting and eating spaces in the office, and turn any room with a door into a breakout space. Add a couple contemporary office chair variations, large bean bags to create a more cozy environment and meditation posters on the walls to help your employees unwind.

The Motivational Office

The key feature of this kind of office is motivation. And what better way to make sure everyone sees the great words of wisdom than by putting them on a few eye-catching accent walls? Big frames hung on plain walls, or better yet – letters written on the walls will give your employees the much needed boost to think outside the box. Bumble’s office in LA has a pretty cute way of inspiring their employees to take action – written on a wall with capital letters – MAKE THE FIRST MOVE is a sure way to make everyone take action towards whatever they have been hesitating to do. Plus, this is the perfect option if you’re on a really tight budget. Add your favorite contemporary office chair set up near that wall, a coffee table and flowers to create an inspiring chillax environment.

The Grown-Up Classroom

For this kind of work environment you will need a lot of blank spaces for writing and flexible seating options. This set up is ideal for developing employees by engaging them in both work-related and non work-related learning. As for the furniture, bring in folding chairs and tables so that everyone can easily gather around the white board for impromptu meetings and presentations. Paint a few walls with a dry erase paint to make it easier for your employees to express their ideas and create concepts for everyone to see. Re-arrange the desks so that people are facing different directions and let them work however they need to in order to get their creative juices flowing.