A Lady’s Got Her Style to Keep Her Warm: Winter Accessories to be Worn


Fashion fades, only style remains the same – Coco Chanel

Every season there are new IT accessories on the runways that we all die to posses. These are usually some bold pieces so exquisite they leave fashionistas around the world in awe. And while most of them are so far of our normal reach that we can only daydream about having them, remember another great and realistic saying – Fashion trends come and go.

Now that the cold days have arrived and we’ve stored our army of beautiful summer dresses at the back of our closets, it’s time to make a winter accessory upgrade. If you are on a limited budget, investing in timeless womens fashion accessories trends is a smart decision to make. Having a few quality pieces that stand the test of time certainly beats having many cheap ones that will soon tear and lose their appeal.

Start from the Top
If you have long hair, you know very well the struggle of keeping it tidy on a windy day. Besides keeping us warm and being our saviour on bad hair days, hats are the one winter accessory you shouldn’t leave the house without. I’m going to let you in on a little secret – you only need two types in winter. A cool comfortable beanie for more casual occasions, and a wide brim hat for a more formal and classy look.

The beanie is a winter accessorie which people of all ages can wear. A knit beanie is a nice accessorie to make a causal outfit more interesting and cozy. Match it with a thick long scarf for the ultimate warm and cozy appeal. And yes, a medium to large handbag to complement the cool vibe.


When the occasion calls to bring your sophisticated self to the front, it’s time to team up with your ally in the form of a classy wide brim hat. For women in the 18th century, this hat was a symbol of wealth, however, now that it’s much more affordable, it has become the ultimate staple of winter fashion. Think your outfit is boring and lacks a certain something? Putting on a wide brim hat will instantly turn your look from blah to oh la la.


The Gloves
The everlasting elegant choice for winter hand accessories are leather gloves. Long or short ones – it doesn’t matter, we love them all! You can even put your favourite bracelet or watch over a chic black leather glove to make an interesting fashion statement. Moreover, leather is a durable material which makes these gloves an investment for years to come.


Don’t Forget the Scarf
All womens fashion accessories trends include some kind of a scarf in the IT accessories of the season. Scarves come in different colours and sizes usually at affordable prices, so there’s always a little something for everyone. An oversized scarf in the right colour can add visual interest to a rather simple coat. Regarding the scarf material, choose one that will match your hat. A beanie paired with an oversized knitted scarf will provide you with just the needed amount of warmth once the cold weather strikes. With classy and formal hats, a simple cotton one in the same colour as the hat is will convey elegance and sophistication.