Shiraz: The Perfect Dry Red Wine for a Cosy Night on the Couch


Red wine is a sophisticated and delicious drink that people adore all around the world. There’s nothing not to love about this classy drink – it makes food even tastier, it helps your heart (when consumed in moderation), and sets a romantic mood for you and your partner. However, there are countless brands of red wine available on the market.

Trying to pick one sometimes seems like an impossible mission. If you were the type for white wine, it’s best to opt for the tried-and-true Chardonnay. In case you favour rosé, go for a Pinot Noir bottle. On the other hand, when it comes to red wines, I suggest the world-renown Shiraz dry reds.

What are Shiraz Wines?

In the light of Valentine’s Day, don’t go for the plain red wines that you can find on supermarket shelves. Instead, choose one of the available wine offers of premium wines. The Shiraz wines are among the most popular reds you can find in these selections.

Shiraz Wine

Shiraz is Australia’s most famous grape variety that accounts for almost 50% of all red grape plantings. This type of grapes is planted all around the world to great success. Depending on the climate, soil and regional style, some countries call it Syrah. In Australia and other warmer regions people call it Shiraz, whereas in colder climates the name Syrah is more common.

Whatever the name, these grapes produce high-quality red wine fit for any occasion. This wine is generally bold and full-bodied. It contains aromatic notes of smoke, black fruits and pepper spice. Regarding the style, it can be either round and fruity or tannic and dense.

The Difference Between Shiraz and Syrah

As I mentioned, Shiraz and Syrah are in fact, the same grape. The winemakers who work in growing regions with a colder climate call their wines Syrah. The most famous Syrah bottles such as Hermitage and Côte-Rôtie come from the Rhône Valley in France.

In regions like Yarra Valley, Australia, Sonoma Coast, California and some parts of Chile, these wines are called Shiraz. Here, they emulate leaner, acid-driven, and savoury styles of the French classics. The Australian red wine deals you’ll come across are with options of the most famous growing regions in Australia. These are the south regions of Barossa, McLaren Vale and Adelaide Hills. Their wines embody the warm and sunny climate with their lush, fruit-forward taste.

Syrah wines are dry and opaque. They have a moderate to high alcohol content (13-14%), brisk acidity and firm tannins. The flavours vary in range from smoke, bacon, herbs, black and red fruits and black pepper to more gentle floral violet notes. When winemakers age Syrah in oak, the wine gets flavours of vanilla and baking spice. In comparison to the fruit-driven, powerful Shiraz wines, these have a more elegant, lean and savoury taste.

Shiraz and Syrah

On the other hand, Shiraz wines are opaque and ruby-purple in hue. They offer concentrated blueberry and blackberry flavours and big, ripe tannins. Occasionally there are notes of beef jerky, bacon and black pepper. Alcohol levels in these wines are usually higher (14-15.5%) and their oak aging period is longer than the Syrah wines.

When these wines are youthful, they tend to be opaquer and inkier. However, as they age, they gain a deep ruby-red to purple colour. This colour is darker than the Cabernet Sauvignon. With age, these wines lose pigmentation and take on garnet tones.

How Many Calories Do Shiraz Wines Have?

Wines are either sweet or dry. If you’re planning to cut down on the calories for this year’s Valentine’s Day – the Shiraz wine offers are your ideal choice. Since Shiraz are dry wines, they contain less calories. Even though some variations contain a touch of residual sugar (RS), they’re significantly less caloric than sweet wines. Keep in mind that wines with higher alcohol content have a slightly higher number of calories. On the topic of carbs, dry wines usually contain between zero and four grams of carbohydrates.

How to Serve Shiraz Wines

All red wines have a certain ideal temperature range for serving. For wines with higher alcohol levels, such as Shiraz, you should serve them with a slight chill. The temperature shouldn’t be too cold however, because this will mute the aromas. Otherwise, warmer temperatures will make the wine taste dull. The ideal temperature for serving is around 15⁰C. After opening the bottle, it’s best to drink it in two to four days, as beyond this mark the wine starts to oxidize.

Serve Shiraz Wines

What Foods Pair Best with Shiraz Wines?

The best thing about the Shiraz wine deals online stores offer is that they sparkle a bit of magic into your meals. They go well with almost any salty dish, but there are certain dishes they complement the most. Shiraz wines work best with grilled meats, such as beef, lamb, and others.

They go great with burgers and BBQ ribs. If you plan to combine them with other dishes, try to match the weight and flavour of the wine with that of the food. If you’re indecisive when it comes to choosing the right wine in today’s overwhelming market, give your taste buds a treat with one of the Shiraz wines.