Matching Home Hardware: The Jewellery of Your Home


Architectural hardware is the jewellery of the home. It puts the finishing touches on the overall interior aesthetic and can elevate the feel of a space and give it more character. On the market today, you can find exquisite hardware that’s on the more expensive side, but there are also tons of affordable options that can be ideal for your decor. These are especially great for small DIY projects as they can easily breathe new life into old furniture or can spruce up your home with new door hardware.

Hardware is a small but very powerful design element that can enhance your home’s aesthetic in a major way. However, with so many different types to choose from, picking the right home hardware that can make your home look more unique might seem challenging. One great approach is to match your home’s hardware. This can make the whole process much easier as you’ll only need to find one type that you like rather than use a mix of several types.

Why Is Cabinet and Door Hardware Important?

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Even though cabinet and door hardware have a relatively small size, they can significantly affect your home’s overall aesthetic. Thoughtful details such as these are what make the difference between good designs and great designs. Beautiful door hardware, such as matching kitchen hardware and door hinges, for example, can give your space a more polished appearance and will make it look more thoughtful and intentional.

Buying premium quality door hinges online and matching them with your cabinet hardware is an excellent way to add personality and visual interest to your interior design. This works especially well in minimalist aesthetics which could use this extra touch to make them stand out without overwhelming the overall look.

And one of the best things about buying cabinet hardware and door hinges online is that these pieces are relatively inexpensive and are a great and cost-effective way to update your interior design.

The Pros of Matching Home Hardware

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Makes Your Space More Cohesive

If you have an eclectic kitchen or bathroom design, the added cohesion of matching hardware can help you tie the various design elements together and give the entire aesthetic a common theme. Your matching hardware can also help solidify a more streamlined look as it will add even more cohesion to the entire design.

Keeps Things Simple

The great thing about matching hardware is that you don’t have to make many decisions about it, which makes the process of incorporating it into your space much simpler. Just pick one type you like and install it all over your home. Mixing and matching hardware takes more energy and time as you will need to decide among different types and then see if they will work well together.

It Is Easier to Replace

Practice has shown that it’s much easier to replace hardware that matches. If you have mixed hardware and you need to replace some parts, you’ll need to find a few different types to replace your current hardware. And then there’s always the chance that one of the types of hardware you need is no longer available. This is why replacing matching hardware is easier – you’d only need to replace one type. And if you can’t find that type, it would be much easier to find a close hardware replacement as you won’t have to worry about the replacement matching all the different hardware types.

Great for Small Spaces

It’s easy to overcrowd a small space if you add too many design elements to it, and this is especially the case with hardware. If you’re trying to design an inviting and cosy kitchen, adding different styles of hardware might make your space feel more crowded. Using matching hardware will create a more aesthetically pleasing ambience and will not overwhelm your aesthetic.

Tips for Matching Your Hardware

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Match Just One Element

If you’re still hesitating about whether you should mix and match your hardware, you can get the best of both worlds by only matching one element. For example, you can pick a finish you love, such as brushed brass, and buy different pulls, knobs, handles, door hinges and locks with that matching finish. This will add more cohesion and interest to your interior design.

Another way to make use of this idea is to match your hardware by its function. For example, you could buy matching pulls for all of your cabinets and matching knobs for all of your drawers. This will still provide a lot of cohesion while also adding more visual interest than if all of your drawers and cabinets had the same type of hardware.

Separate Lower and Upper Cabinets

Picking just one type of matching hardware for your lower cabinets and one type for your upper cabinets is another way to approach matching your hardware. Knobs are your best bet for upper cabinets as they make it much easier to open and close cabinets that are higher. On the other hand, handles and pulls usually make it easier to open and close cabinets at lower heights.

Consider Your Space’s Aesthetic

Matching hardware is best done when it fits well into the overall aesthetic of your space, so consider how you want your overall design to look before choosing a hardware type. For instance, if your kitchen’s decor is traditional, you can go with hardware that features ornate details and aged-bronze finishes. However, if your interior design has a more modern look, adding minimal hardware such as simple bar pulls with a brushed brass finish will complement your design ideally.