5 Fail-Proof Birthday Gift Ideas That Will Impress Any Guy


What do you buy a guy for his birthday? What is the best gift for someone special? There’s no right or wrong answer to these questions. Every gift is special because above all it shows that you care. After all, it’s more about the gesture than the gift itself. But still, if you want to make an impression, there are a couple of gifts you can choose that won’t disappoint the giftee.

A Bamboo Cotton Robe that Offers Nothing but Comfort

men wearing nice bamboo cotton robe
source: hiconsumption.com

What can be better than putting on a cozy, super soft robe and chilling after a day of working and running errands? Nothing can match that feeling. And that’s a feeling that you can give as a present. In the form of a bath robe, of course. There’s not a living soul on the planet that can resist a present like that.

Now, the question is, how to choose the right one from the truly wide range of bathrobes? The first thing you need to check before buying a robe is the fabric. It can either make the robe outstanding or it can make it seem of a really low quality. And the second is not an option, especially when you’re looking to buy bathrobes online as a present. So, to cut to the chase, if you’re facing a choice, always go for bath robes made of natural fabrics such as cotton and bamboo.

What’s so special about cotton and bamboo? Cotton/bamboo blends are a pure depiction of softness and luxury. On top of that, cotton/bamboo fabrics are hypoallergenic, have antibacterial properties and regulate the body temperature nicely. Unlike synthetic fabrics, cotton and bamboo are natural and sustainable fabrics. They make for robes that are long-lasting, eco-friendly and very pleasant on the skin.

So, if you’ve made a decision to buy bathrobes online that are made from cotton and bamboo, you won’t be wrong. Bathrobes are truly a gift that keeps on giving and the best choice you can make when it comes to birthday presents.

Turn to Technology, Get a Smart Watch

smart samsung watch as gift
source: insights.samsung.com

Men are in general very into technology, so if you’re out of gift ideas try a smartwatch. Aside from having a very cool design and complementing every outfit, smartwatches are very useful. They are equipped with a ton of handy features that can make one’s life easier. From counting calories and providing information about blood pressure to being an alarm in the morning, smartwatches are the gadget of the future. It’s the smallest most compact thing that can provide your giftee with a solution to his biggest tech-related “problems”. Smartwatches are compatible will all smartphone apps and that makes them everything a person needs and more.

A Birthday Beer Hamper

birthday beer hamper
source: traditionalbeercompany.co.uk

There’s some sacred relation between men and beer that’s as old as time, so it’s only natural to assume that a beer hamper would be the perfect gift for your pal or boyfriend.

What’s inside this hamper anyway? Each beer hamper contains samples of the finest craft beer in Australia and beyond. A dream-come-true for any beer lover. So, instead of going for the classic wine and chocolate combo, you can switch to a birthday beer basket that will make your giftee smile from ear to ear. After all, a private beer tasting experience is the secret desire of every man out there and now you have a chance to make that wish come true.

Australia is known to produce some of the most incredible tasting beers and is the home to plenty of breweries. You don’t have to stick only to the classic flavours. Instead, go for unique tastes and aromas that are sure to amaze your giftee. You can even buy a beer gift basket with snacks included. Beer and snacks are a match made in heaven so why not go for that option? Plus, it’s the winning combo for a great backyard party.

Since the beer basket is supposed to be a birthday gift, you should include a personalized gift card as well. And the best thing is, you don’t even have to do that yourself. You can order a beer basket and include a gift card as well. How convenient is that? Also, you can order the gift and have it shipped instead of picking it up and delivering it yourself. This will definitely add to the surprise element.

A Thoughtful Beard Trimming Kit

beard trimming kit
source: mobros.co.uk

Something that you’re giftee will definitely use is a trimming kit. Every man needs a good trimmer for the beard or moustache as well as beard shampoo, a special brush, beard balm and cream. Beard requires special care too, and every man that cares about the look of his beard will be thankful for this cool gift. You should do research prior to purchasing anything and find out which brand offers the best beard kits. Either way, it’s a very good idea to get a trimming kit because your giftee will use and benefit from it for sure.

A Pair of Stylish Polarized Sunglasses

men wearing stylish polarized sunglasses
source: insider.com

Sunglasses are among the top 5 accessories every man loves and uses. They are perfect both for summer and for winter and apart from protecting the eyes from the harsh UV rays they elevate every outfit and make it look cooler. If you want to get something special, go for a pair of designer sunglasses. They are of high quality, long-lasting and made following the latest trends. Your giftee will enjoy wearing them for years. Also, opt for a pair whose lenses can be replaced. With replacement lenses, the problems with damaged lenses can be easily solved and the sunglasses will always be as good as new.