Design Ideas for Your Dream Outdoor Space


Although autumn may be in full swing, it’s never too early to start planning for the warmer days ahead and daydream about designing the perfect getaway spot in our outdoor space. Nowadays, outdoor living spaces are all the rage. And we can clearly see why. Setting up an outdoor lounge area is a smart way to spruce up your outdoor garden space. Whether you’re lucky enough to have a large patio to play with, or a tiny balcony to design, there are many ways to elevate your outdoor space to enjoy the warmer days peacefully.

Worry not – turning that dull and plain outdoor space you have into a stylish, comfortable and inviting haven doesn’t have to be expensive or too complicated. All you need are a few carefully selected pieces to extend your indoor space to the outdoors and fully enjoy it.

Get Your Furniture Setup Right

garden sun loungers

To create the perfect outdoor living area, start by choosing the proper pieces of furniture. Consider how you want your space to look and what you would like to use it for mainly? Is it for cozy gatherings with friends and family? Is it for some much-needed me-time while unwinding with a cocktail and a good book? The key to getting your furniture set up right is choosing stylish pieces for outside use that can withstand the elements and are not too bulky.

If you’re looking to create the ideal ambience for catching some sun rays and tanning in the privacy of your outdoor space, browse some premium quality sunlounges online to find great deals. Who wouldn’t like sipping on mimosas and laying in the sun on a peaceful Sunday? When buying sunlounges online, get at least two sun lounger beds to create the ultimate chillax zone. Throw in an umbrella to this mix and a side table, and you’ve got the perfect beachy vibe set up in your home!

Add Some Shade

Although spending some time outside can be relaxing and restorative, not everyone wants to sit in the sun. Especially when it’s scorching hot outside. This is why adding some type of shade to your outdoor space design is a good idea. This way, you can reap the benefits of the fresh air without being exposed to direct sunlight.

You can go back to the basics and add an umbrella. Just make sure you attach weight to the bottom of it to make sure it won’t go anywhere. This way, you can stay focused on the important matter – delving into absolute relaxation. Another option is adding a pergola, as it can be left entirely unattended. Besides adding wall panels to keep the sun at bay, you can also use sheer covers for added privacy.

Layer the Lighting

indoor outdoor led string lights white

Designing an inviting outdoor lounge area requires much more than just adding furniture. Accentuating and illuminating certain features and areas can make your space much more enjoyable and pleasant to relax. You can get creative and design a stylish and inviting area with several different lighting sources. Choose a variety of garden lighting (for instance, festoon, candles and fairy lights) and layer them in several different ways to see which look best fits your needs and space design. To save up on energy, LED lights are your safest option. Solar lights are also a great idea as you can add them to any space without worrying about plugs or wires. The truth is, that lighting can easily transform your outdoor space and should not be overlooked, especially when designing a smaller space. 

Keep Your Unique Garden Features Close

You can always level up the ambience in your outdoor space with a little white garden noise. For this, consider adding a water feature close to the space you’re decorating. However big or small your space may be, a water feature always catches the eye and adds that ‘wow’ factor. And since there is a truly wide range of options and designs available on the market, you can simply plug your chosen model in, fill the water compartment and you’re all set. The sound of water gently trickling is so pleasant to hear when relaxing that will make any space feel zen.

Add Ornamental Plants

outdoor plant

Adding various plant species to your outdoor space is a great way to ensure it looks great year-round. Whether you go with long grasses, flowering plants, or evergreens, they are a sure way to spruce up your space and breathe more life into it. If you don’t have a green thumb and worry that you’ll ruin the plants you choose, you can always opt for self-watering garden planters. You can also plant some edible plants in them that don’t require any expertise to grow. If you don’t have much space for adding pots and planters, you can always create a living greenery wall. Just attach your planters to an exterior wall for the ultimate tropical vibe.