Tips on Picking the Right Kid’s Room Wallpaper & How to Maintain It


Your child’s bedroom is the place where your little munchkin should feel safe, comfortable and able to play hours on end. The design of the room plays a great role in the overall feel and ambience it conveys, which is why decorating it with the right kids wallpaper designs is important. The right choice of wallpaper for children can get your little munchkin’s creative juices flowing easier and help stimulate their fantasy and creativity.

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However, before you begin with the entire buying process, consider how many walls do you want to cover with wallpaper. Are you going for mix and match different designs or you’re going to stick with a simpler look? There are quite a few things to consider to make the best buy, here are the most important ones.

Consider the Primary Function of the Room

Before you start shopping around for kids wallpaper, you need to define the primary function of the room that you want to redecorate. Is it a bedroom, a playroom, or is it both? If it’s a playroom, you can pick something more colourful with drawings or murals that would help your kid be even more creative when playing. For this room, you can pick anything from animals, dolls, circus-themed wallpaper, one with your child’s favourite cartoon characters and so on.

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When outfitting the walls of a kid’s bedroom, pick something calmer. Pastel-coloured wallpapers with themes such as fairies, clouds, flowers and similar are your best bet. Pick something that your kid will like even a couple of years from now so you won’t have to redecorate again soon. Remember, your child’s preferences may not be the same as yours or your interior designer’s. Respect their wishes.

Colours and Patterns

Most people go for bright colours that will make the room more welcoming and fun. Although dark colours look elegant and classy, they are not the best choice for a kid’s room. The wallpaper colours you choose should radiate good vibes and positivity. If your child is old enough, you can always consult with them to make the right choice.

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When it comes to patterns, there are many options you can choose from. Parents and kids love floral patterns as they never go out of style and always look good. Abstract wallpaper patterns are easily adaptable in any kid’s room. Being a mix of shapes and colours, these wallpapers would create a real canvas from the walls. Such patterns look well when combined with another pattern (floral for example). You can turn entirely monochromatic walls into a real piece of art if you apply wallpaper to only one wall in the room.

Wall murals are a wonderful way to turn your kid’s room into their favourite spot in your home. You can customize the wallpaper mural and pick images they love. This is a great option for both bedrooms and playrooms as it will boost their creativity and make their space look more original.

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Quality wallpapers are made of durable materials that will last for years to come, won’t start peeling off the wall and won’t lose their colours. Here are some of the most commonly used materials for wallpaper for kids spaces.

  • Vinyl – Wallpapers coated with vinyl are an excellent choice. The extra thin layer of polyvinyl chloride or acrylic applied on the surface makes these wallpapers easy to clean (you can scrub without damaging them). Also, this material is resistant to grease and moisture. Your kid could touch the wall with sticky fingers as much as they want.
  • Recoatable – These wallpapers are a cool option because they come in white. This way you will have a base for painting. Usually, they are made from durable non-woven vlies that can endure several layers of paint. If this is your choice for your kid’s bedroom, you can allow them to actually draw and express their creativity directly on the walls (and later cover it all with paint).
  • Vlies – This wallpaper material is quite new on the market and it already has many fans. One of its biggest advantages is air and vapour permeability. This means the walls will be protected from mould growth and would be able to breathe. Vlies wallpapers provide excellent heat and sound protection. They are an excellent choice for all rooms – it is quite easy to work with them (easy application and removal).


When buying wallpaper for a children’s room, look for waterproof and washable wallpaper designs that you can easily maintain. You want the model you choose to be able to endure all the sticky fingers, paint splashes or crayon drawing sessions.