Best Gin Gifts for the Gin Lover in Your Life


When it comes to buying gifts, one of the hardest parts is the idea. What do you buy? How do you pick the perfect gift for someone special? It can be a quite daunting task, especially if you have limited info on what the person likes and what their actual interests are. But if you know they are a big fan of gin, it’s a lot easier – give them a gin-related gift!

Aside from the delicious spirit recipes and signature brands available, there is also a whole world of gin gifts and accessories to choose from. There is basically a gin gift that can elevate the drinking experience of every gin connoisseur in your life. What’s more, gifts for gin lovers can be unique and personalized, making the gesture even more special. Whatever the occasion, you will instantly notice the sparkle in their eyes and the smile on their face that gin gifts bring.

Buying a Gin Gift

manchester gin as gift

Gin is a spirited hipster tipple beloved in countries across the globe, from Britain to Japan. This clear, crisp and delightfully refreshing spirit has experienced a rebirth over the past years and made its comeback, reintroducing its delicious botanical flavours of juniper, flowers, and fresh and dried fruit to the wide mass. And due to its popularity, you are bound to know someone who would enjoy this delicate and flavourful spirit as a gift.

Obviously, a bottle of gin makes the best gift for gin lovers, no matter the occasion. Be it holidays, housewarmings or any special event, a beautifully bottled gift will truly warm their heart. The choice of gins is huge: Hendrick’s, Bombay Sapphire, London Dry, Gordon’s, Old Tom, Navy Strength, Sloe and all the fruit, pink, flavoured and weird bottles of gin on the market today. When buying a bottle of gin as a gift, consider the price, but more importantly, the taste and overall quality of the spirit. And above all, it’s important to consider what flavour of gin a friend or family member likes, so that you get them their favourite bottle.

What do you get a gin lover other than a more gin? Aside from a gift in a bottle, there is also an array of gin gift ideas to show your appreciation for the gin lover in your life. From gin tasting sets to elegant gin glasses to cool educational gin books, there is something for any gin enthusiast you know. The best thing is that you can personalise and get them a customised gift for an extra-special touch.

Best Picks for Gin Lovers

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If you are looking for the best gift for the gin fan in your close circle, and you want something beyond a standard bottle, here are some more original and unique gin related gifts.

Gin GiftSets

If you want to get a truly special gift for a gin fanatic, gin giftsets are a great idea! They usually feature a range of flavours that will provide your gin lover with everything they need to curate the perfect cocktail in the comfort of their own home. Whether they are a classic dry drinker or prefer a fruitier gin, gin tasting sets offer smooth, well-balanced gin to hit the right notes. Rhubarb gin or sloe gin, elderflower or raspberry gin, there is something to suit every taste and every gifting occasion.

Gin Glasses

Many gin sets come in pretty packaging, but of course, it’s the inside that counts. Besides some of the tastiest gins out there, some gin packs come complete with mixers, gin glasses and a cocktail guide. True gin lovers will welcome such a drinkable library with open arms. A miniature gin set with a diverse palette is also a great option for those who want to experience a wide range of flavours that have made their mark on history. Regardless of their preferences, mini sets are perfect for exploring the nuanced notes without overdoing it.

No matter the occasion, glassware is always a go-to gift. Be it beautiful vintage glassware or a unique modern variety, every gin lover needs a glass worthy of their favourite drink. Give your loved ones the gift of some of the best gin glasses to make sure they prep their delicious cocktails in style. No matter the budget, there is a perfect glass for any gin lover in your life. What’s more, you can personalise. A gorgeous personalised gin glass with a carefully engraved message in a stylish script font makes a truly special gift for any gin connoisseur on any occasion.

Gin Cocktail Guide

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Because there’s more one can do with a bottle of gin, a gin cocktail guide also makes a great gift for any gin lover, especially for those who love to experiment with new botanicals and interesting flavour combinations. Give your gin-loving friends the gift of learning some simple servings to take their favourite drink to another dimension. Gin cocktail guides provide delicious recipes for gin fanatics to recreate at home and make the most of a bottle by turning it into their favourite gin cocktail, be it classic martini or fruity mix, or new takes on traditional recipes.