4×4 Trailer Guide: Off-Road Towing Explained


Exploring the wild is not only done on foot. Some like to do so with a vehicle and that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are harming nature. Off-roading is an activity that includes exploring or competing in the wild with the help of 4WD vehicles. And no, off-roading isn’t bad for the environment, at least not as bad as you think it is since every member of the community needs to follow a certain path when driving their vehicle. These 4WD vehicles are made with a 4-wheel drivetrain which means the power generated from the engine is sent to all four wheels instead of the front two like in most other vehicles.

Off-Road Trailers
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With a 4WD you are able to drive up hills more easily and explore areas you can’t with a conventional vehicle. And if you want to stay in the wilderness or outback for a few days, then you should consider off-road accessories to make your adventure complete. Buying off-road accessories and equipment requires a lot of planning, and you should also get something to accommodate all the equipment and luggage you’ll bring with you. While there are some 4WD tools you need to go off-roading, getting a trailer to ensure you have enough cargo space to pack everything is one of the most important investments you can make.

What Is the Best Off-Road Travel Trailer?


While every trailer might do the same job, it might not be made to work with your vehicle. This is where you need to pay attention to some features and properties found on a quality 4WD trailer. First off there’s the plating. You want to get a metal plating, since off-roading puts your vehicle to the mercy of challenging terrain the same goes for the trailer. Metal plating reduces the scratches and damages from trees and rocks, as well as the chances of rust buildup.

Wheel & Axle

The wheels are another important factor to consider when buying an off road trailer. With larger wheels, there is greater ground clearance and with greater ground clearance you can avoid bottoming out your trailer when on uneven terrain. Larger wheels coupled together with heavy-duty axles will make for fewer accidents and a more durable off road trailer too.

Side Height

When it comes to keeping your gear and equipment safe you should consider getting a trailer with high sides. This will prevent any item from going over the sides when you’re driving on uneven terrain.

Off-Road Trailers
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Sturdy and reliable shackle springs allow for better weight distribution. This is important because whatever you’re going to be hauling will stay put.

Tips for Maneuvering with 4×4 Trailers


When towing a 4WD trailer, you need to be aware of the weight. By weight, I mean the weight of your vehicle, trailer and the carrying capacity of both. When you’re packing stuff make sure you don’t exceed the carrying limit of the vehicle. You have to account for the weight of the trailer and its carrying capacity so you don’t go over your vehicle’s maximum carrying capacity.


The trailer that you’re going to be towing needs to be balanced. This means that you need to place gear and equipment in such a way that the weight is distributed evenly across the trailer’s surface. Unbalanced 4WD trailers can cause accidents and affect your handling so make sure to have anywhere from 6 to 12% of your items’ weight near the tow ball.

If you’re going to be towing big toolboxes or anything that has a lot of weight to it make sure they are at the front of the trailer. If you put such items near the rear or at the rear of the trailer this will cause terrible sway and it can lead to accidents, especially when driving on a bumpy road.


When driving, make sure to use your mirrors as much as possible. But if you’re going with the stock side mirrors on your 4WD then you might have trouble seeing behind the trailer. For better viewing angles and a safer ride make sure to install extended towing mirrors.


The suspension of your vehicle needs to be able to withstand the trailer’s weight and the items you’re carrying. If your 4WD has its lights pointed to the sky make sure to take something off the trailer as it will not only obstruct visibility at night it will also use up more fuel than usual.

Off-Road Trailers
Source: 4x4earth.com


When it comes to off-road towing you need to be more careful. Towing, in general, requires you to plan ahead when driving and not drive too fast. You need to start braking a lot earlier and start accelerating a lot slower. It’s not just the weight affecting performance, but you also need to put safety first when towing so you don’t allow the trailer to control your driving. It needs to be the other way around. Do not get ahead of yourself since the terrain in the wild is always changing and you need to be ready to adapt to it.