All Aspects of Outdoor Seat Cushions


Getting some fresh air in your own intimate outdoor space can be a really relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Having comfortable outdoor furniture will make it even more enjoyable. Since outdoor furniture is exposed to the elements all of the time, removable cushions are often the most practical option. Outdoor seat cushions provide the padding needed for comfortable sitting and lounging, they are easy to maintain and store, and they are a very easy and affordable way to refresh your outdoor furniture without actually having to completely replace it.

When choosing the right outdoor seat cushion for your outdoor furniture, you will realize that the market is flooded with a wide range of different cushions. Now, your initial thoughts will most likely be to buy the cheapest ones you can find since it’s not like you are going to use them in your living room. Well this is where most people are wrong. Outdoor furniture and cushions are just as important as the indoor ones and basically you need to consider the same factors for both of them before making your choice. In fact, when it comes to outdoor cushions you need to put more accent on durability since they are much more likely to go through constant abuse.

So, the major factors that make up a good outdoor seat cushion are comfort, durability, and visual appeal.

The the filling or the core of the cushion is what determines whether it is comfortable or not. Here is a list of the most common core materials used in outdoor cushions today and some of their properties.

  • Polyester is the cheapest option. It is soft and fluffy but offers virtually no support and it flattens over time, but has its own visual benefits.
  • Clustered polyfill is basically polyester wrapped in tiny balls or small bundles which makes the cushions slightly firmer by they are still prone to flattening out.
  • Foam is come in a wide range of densities and each offers a different degree of support. There are charts whit information on foam density.
  • Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is a synthetic material used to make luxury beds and provides optimum support, but it is also quite expensive.

As far as the materials go, you should get something with water resistant properties and something that won’t fade and lose its colour after just one season of sun exposure. Some of the most popular cover materials for outdoor seat cushions are vinyl which is cheap but doesn’t do well in the heat; cotton which is a classic fabric dating back to the 13th century, but isn’t very water resistant; texteline which is a polyester blend resistant to water but tends to fade in the sun; sunbrella which is one of the most quality material but also very expensive; and many more.

When it comes to colour and patters, that’s a matter of personal taste. Choose something that will look fresh in your outdoor space and will also make a statement about your character.