Curb Appeal Tips: Leave Boring Far Behind With a Custom Mailbox


Ever since the 1850s mailboxes have been something we can’t really live without. Even now, in the bloom of the digital era, mailboxes remain a vital part of our everyday lives and it seems like they’re here to stay.

The postal services around Australia and all over the world still function as they always did, with mail being delivered to houses all over basically every day of the week. When put together, that’s a whole lot of mail!

Usually positioned on the outside of houses, whether as part of the construction itself or as a standalone piece, mailboxes are not just containers for our letters – they’re a part of our home, a staple piece that can easily make or break the look of the house, however odd that may sound.

With mass production and similar items appearing everywhere, people have started to strive for individuality in every corner of their being, especially when it comes to their homes, and curb appeal is one of those departments, as is what’s inside the home.

If you’re one of those people who love to express their individuality in various ways, custom mailboxes are something you might be interested in!

Custom Mailboxes: A Fresh Take on Tradition

You can find custom mailboxes Australia wide, either in physical stores or online. They are a great, yet simple way of making sure your home stands out, as they have the potential to be made really bespoke and eliminate the possibility of anyone else having the exact same mailbox.

Here are a few models of modern letterboxes that have stepped outside of the box.

Minimalist Letterbox

minimal mailbox
Source: Architecture Art Designs

Starting out clean and simple, a minimalist letterbox is a basic item that is both captivating and very practical. Usually made out of quality and durable wood combined with a second material for bettered look and functionality, they’re an excellent addition to any home with a modern vibe.

As the name suggests, these mailboxes are minimal, meaning they’re considered a part of minimalism – an interior (and exterior!) design style that’s all about sleek and clean lines, natural colours, simple contrasts, and so on.

By getting a minimal custom letterbox you’ll be able to add appeal to your home, making it look and feel fancier in an instant, as minimalism is very good at that. The fewer details, the better.

You can customize your minimal mailbox by ordering your house number to be subtly, yet clearly engraved on the front or add your name on it if you’re getting one for your office or business. You can also choose between light or dark wood for a more personalized experience.

Planter Letterbox

Planter Letterbox

Now, this one is one of my favourites! If you haven’t heard of wall planters before I’d highly urge you to research them to be able to fully understand the beauty and imagination that this idea brings to the table.

Perfect for homes that really like to make an impression, the planter letterbox is a combination of two items that would usually not be seen together. We’re so used to seeing regular slot mailboxes or freestanding mailboxes surrounded by grass or plants in the yard, but what happens when we bring those two closer together?

It’s the birth of a very unique item that not many people will understand or want, but those that do will be over the moon with it. The planter letterbox consists of a little planter on the top and a mailbox on the bottom, creating a very interesting unison between the two and definitely working toward bettering the appeal of your house.

As I said, plants are usually seen around houses, but they can very rarely be found hanging on the outside walls. However, the planter mailbox offers you an opportunity to change that and shake things up.

Amazing for people who are into nature and plants, they can also be customized by engravings and different colours of wood, creating your very own little mail garden you’ll love visiting.

Fully Customised Letterbox

Source: Javi Design

Finally, we have the ultimate custom mailbox – the one you can totally and completely customise to fit your needs. These mailboxes can be shipped to you completely unaltered, with the natural colour of the wood, so you can add your own stain and really make it your very own. They’re easy to paint, too, so you can do a little piece of artwork to really round things up if you’d like.

Available as a freestanding item or as one that’s attached to your house, they’re an ideal item for the DIY lovers out there with houses that just scream character and uniqueness! The style of the mailbox is the same, but the look will be whatever you want it to.

They usually come with proper coatings to protect the wood from weathering badly, but if you do decide to paint them, a sealant is a good thing to add as well so your work can stay intact for longer. The wood all of these letterboxes are made out of is quite durable by itself and their design and make are such that will allow years upon years of frequent use and intact look.

You can also choose a planter mailbox for this option and customise it, not just with different plants, but also with the colour options we spoke of above. It’s really just an item that is free for interpretation and allows the flow of creativity to run smoothly through it.

The Bottom Line

For those of you who are really into making their home their own, I know that every detail counts. Consider these mailboxes next time you’re redoing the yard to really bring the inside and outside of your house together and tie the vibe your home gives off nicely.

Don’t forget to properly care for your mailbox so you can ensure it lasts for a long time and if you get a planter mailbox – don’t forget about the plants! They’ll need nourishment and especially in the hot Australian sun, they might need a good bunch of it as they will be exposed to the elements all the time.

You can get all of these mailboxes Australia wide, whether by shipping or in actual stores. Look around for retailers who sell quality-made letterboxes that will be worth the unique investment they are and will be able to provide you with the most customizing space!