Dreaming of a Perfect Smile? The Solution is in Teeth Veneers


“Teeth are always in style.” – Dr. Seuss

Say cheese! These are the words traumatic for anyone not having the perfect smile.

When you have a beautiful smile, with white, and straight teeth, all symmetrically aligned, you really don’t think much of the difference a smile makes, as opposed to when you’re left hiding it. A smile makes you more agreeable to people, makes you leave a great impression, gets you more acquaintances and friends, opens up new paths for you. Oh, what a smile can do!

Sure, it might sound exaggerated, but it’s the way it is, so unless you want to spend your life away being perceived as the grumpy one with a constant frown on the face, it’s time to think of investing in your smile. When it comes to the options available, to tackle the problems of whiteness, and symmetry, you can count on dental veneers Melbourne and Australia round dentists specialise in. The reason veneers, particularly porcelain, have become so popular has to do with how quick and easy it is to attach them. Made of a thin strip of ceramic (approximately 1mm), custom made to match your natural teeth in appearance, with both shades and shapes considered, it wouldn’t take you long to get the dream smile. The attachment on your teeth itself isn’t supposed to take you more than two to three visits.

Of course, it all starts with an extended consultation in order to take all of the aspects into consideration, followed by moulding to prepare the tooth and the veneer, and the final step, the cementation of the custom-moulded veneers. All this without the need for anaesthetics! The dental veneers Melbourne dentists can treat you with are the suitable solution for various conditions, from severely discoloured or stained teeth, and teeth with root canal treatments, to misshaped or short front teeth, diastema (gaps), and teeth with chips or hairline fractures.

Natural teeth tend to get stains over time, from the enamel through the dentine. More so if you’re fond of staining foods and beverages, like berries, balsamic vinegar, pasta sauce, sodas, coffee, and tea, as well as antibiotics, and smoking. You wouldn’t have to worry about this, or having to get teeth whitening every now and then, as veneers are stain-resistant. Moreover, if you have misaligned teeth, all you probably think about is a metal smile thanks to braces. Well, with veneers you can say bye to braces, as you can cover any imperfection and prevent further damage to your smile. Also, the great news is veneers wouldn’t require any particular care other than that of natural teeth, daily brushing, flossing, and check ups.