Camera Accessories That Will Actually Make a Difference in Your Photography


As a photographer, you have an endless amount of camera accessories available. When I first got into photography, I didn’t know which accessories to use and which ones would best suit my photographic style. It was just me and my camera. However, after some experimenting with different kinds of camera attachments, I got the hang of it.


Lenses and Lens Accessories

If you want to advance in photography, it’s important to use different types of lenses and filters. For example, you can use either a prime or fixed lens (which doesn’t have the option to zoom) or a zoom lens (which can zoom in and out through different depths). If, when taking photos, there isn’t much light available, it’s best you use a lens which is low light capable.

Using the right lens accessories is equally important. A UV protection filter, a polarizing filter, white balance lens cap, are just a few pros swear by. However, keep in mind that filters aren’t always suited for the situation.



Taking pictures in low light conditions will require a tripod. It is one of the best camera accessories if you want to take a picture of yourself or if you simply need a steady camera. However, you should really be careful when buying tripods. DSLR cameras are expensive and putting them on a cheap tripod which could break easily, is a really bad idea. A tripod should be able to support twice as much weight, hence do a thorough research before making any purchase.


What I found out in the first month of my amateur photography, is that you run out of battery pretty quickly. It’s not as if cameras aren’t made to last, it’s taking too many pictures that’s draining your battery. Hence, if going for a hike, one extra battery will be plenty, but if you’re going on a trip or a vacation, bring along a few batteries just in case.



Not to remember stuff, you need memory to save your photos. Get a good memory card. By good I mean a card that has a lot of available save space and a great write/read speed. This way you’ll be able to take a lot of photos without having to transfer them to a computer or to switch cards. Plus, when you eventually run out of space, transfering pics from camera to your computer will be done faster. Remember, it’s best to save photos on an external hard drive. It’s safer, plus the pictures won’t take up any space or slow down your computer.

Cleaning Supplies

Other camera accessories that are essential are cleaning supplies. In order to take great pictures, your equipment needs to be clean. From lens tissues, lens cleaners, dust blowers, etc., there is a wide range of cleaning supplies designed specifically for cameras and lenses. It’s difficult to say which ones are the best, so it’s best to experiment with a few to see which ones work out the best.