Gardens are the Gems of Home-Owning, So Let’s Get Yours Glowing


Cicero once said “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need”. And I couldn’t agree more. While books are food for your mind, plants are definitely the most wonderful food for your senses. But tending a garden takes a lot of time and responsibility.

For months I used to pass through my yard and every day I promised myself I‘d trim and neaten it up as soon as I get a day off. And to be honest, after a a couple of months, this spring actually, I really got fed up by its dull look and decided to undertake it as my following project. Oh my, the work I put into it! Sure, it was fun, and it made me feel quite good about myself, but it took me a couple of days to finish it. So, to help you out bring your garden to a superior level (like I did mine) and use its full potential, here are a few tips.

Include Climbing Plants

Tired of your neighbours’ constant snooping around your backyard? Well, you can easily block their view and at the same time make them jealous of your fairytale-like garden just by adding plant climbers to your fence. You’ll finally get your private fortress! Or, maybe you have an ugly bare wall in need of some brightening up? Plant climbers will add life to every unsightly area. Believe me, they’ll improve even the most hideous garden a thousandfold. But the best thing about them is that they need no special grooming – simply attach them to whatever object you want and watch them spread like crazy.


Use Unconventional Pots

Who says doing manual work around your garden has to be boring? If you’re a bit on the creative side, this can be the perfect opportunity to let your inner artist out by making some DIY pots. This type of change will give your yard a breath of fresh air. Plus, you’ll make gardening fun for the whole family. My kids love helping me around by making small pots inspired by their favourite cartoon characters. And for all of you cheapskates out there – you’ll get to save up by recycling old stuff you have lying around.

Add an Arbour

Make a grand entrance by putting an arbour right in the front of your garden. It will instantly make your house look more classy and sophisticated. Or, you can put it at any spot you choose and add some of the plant climbers we’ve talked about earlier to create a charming hideaway or offer the perfect shade in the summer. Whenever I look at my arbour I instantly get transported into a Disney fairytale. I’m so in love with the way my yard looks like now.