Must-Have Motorcycles Gear: Go for Apparel That Looks Good and Performs


If you have just started riding motorcycles, you must understand the importance of having appropriate safety gear. You’ll be riding with speeds of over 150 km/h and if anything goes wrong, you might seriously injure yourself if you don’t have the right protection on you. Aside from injuries, motorcycles gear will protect you from extreme weather conditions. Here is a list of the most essential motorcycle equipment you HAVE TO wear when riding a bike.


Motorcycle Helmet

This is the most vital piece of motorcycles gear you can have. Most states have a law requiring you to wear one for your own safety. Most of the impacts on the head occur around the face, so you should strongly consider buying a full-face helmet over an open face or ¾ type of helmet. Helmets have a life span of around 5 years, after that you should consider replacing it for safety reasons. Here are some of the things a helmet will provide you with:

  • Full head protection – This is the most important benefit of wearing a helmet. It will protect your neck, your face and your brain if you happen to fall.
  • Bug protection – Riding at high speeds will probably mean you’ll have bugs hitting you in the eyes or entering your oral cavity. Wearing a helmet will make sure this doesn’t happen.
  • Bluetooth – This will come installed within the helmet most of the times. Bluetooth will allow you to answer phone calls, listen to music and even get directions while riding your motorcycle.
  • Looks cool – It is what it is.


Motorcycle Gloves


This is the second most vital piece of equipment. People would expect the jacket, for example, to be the second most important, however, just think about the last time you fell – you probably extended your hands towards the ground to try and protect your other body parts. If you don’t wear gloves you are more likely to break some fingers and lose some skin. Most gloves come with knuckle protectors, and are great to protect you from the wind and prevent your hands from sweating all over the handles.


Motorcycle Jacket

A motorcycle jacket will keep you warm in the cool winter and keep you cool-looking at all times. Motorcycle jackets can be made from different materials, but don’t worry too much about picking the perfect one, since you’ll probably end up owning a few. The jacket will mainly protect you from weather elements. More often than not it will be cold when you ride at high speeds, so a jacket will protect you also from that.