Our Top Tips on How to Install Wall Mounted Planters


Are you a plant lover who’s trapped living in a tiny apartment in the city who can’t seem to find the space for their lovely plants? Don’t give up just yet – just take a look at your walls and their vast unused space overflowing with potential and you will find the answer. It is obvious that most of us would rather choose to grow herbs in containers placed on the decks, porches, and balconies, than indoors on the walls.

However, today there is a huge variety of planters designed to take up small amounts of space, which is ideal for people who love growing flowers but are limited in their floor space. These wall planters are small containers, typically the size of a flowerpot, ideal to be hung or mounted on a wall.

How to Install Wall Planters

If you have decided that wall mounted planters are a good choice for your home, it’s important to follow a few steps regarding their installation.

First, you should mark the spot where you want to mount the planter on the wall. The next step is to check the size of the nail the wall planter needs. In case the planter is heavy, you should use extra-grip anchor screws. Place the expansion anchor on the wall and drill it in gently. In case it’s a wall planter made of terrarium glass, I recommend you use Toly Hard AKA Hardwall hooks because they support up to 20 pounds of weight and are almost invisible against a white wall. Terrarium wall planters hanging from these hooks will definitely give the interior a touch of elegance. Just hammer the hooks into the wall and you’re all set!

The next step is to pot the plant. Pour some gravel first which will act as an absorbent as you don’t want water draining on the wall. Then, add some soil. If your plant is an aquatic one, fill the terrarium glass with water and place the roots of the plant inside.

Types of Wall Planters

Wall mounted planters can be found in various shapes, styles, and materials. When it comes to materials, you can choose between exquisitely painted ceramic and terracotta pots or contemporary metal, wooden, plastic and terrarium planters. Most of them are designed for plants that require only soil, but terrarium wall planters look sophisticated when paired with aquatic plants. If you want to achieve an ethnic and vibrant look, then you can opt for a painted ceramic wall planter screwed into the wall. For a more rustic feel, choose a terracotta pot. Keep in mind that you’ll need to first screw a bowl-shaped holder that will act as a support and then place the planter in it. If you’re interested in a more futuristic and modern look instead, a stainless-steel pot is just what you need.