Make a Living Room Stylish and Bright with the Proper Ceiling Light


The living room is the heart of the home – it’s the place where the entire family gets together and spends some quality time together. It is the place to accommodate guests, rest from a long day spent at work and the place to just do whatever you feel like doing in your comfort zone. Because it is so versatile, choosing the proper lighting for it is of utmost importance. Today there are many lighting options on the market, but none of them succeeds in completely illuminating a room quite like ceiling lights.

Ceiling lights come in various sizes and styles – from massive and luxurious chandeliers that capture the eye’s attention, to traditional ones that are hardly noticeable and put the spotlight on the room itself. Among the many ceiling lights online shops and stores across Australia offer, there’s something for everyone’s taste. Here are some of the most popular ones to consider.



An impressive chandelier can be a great focal point in a room. If you want to create a vintage ambiance, a classic candle-style chandelier is a great addition. But don’t worry about it having the potential of causing a fire hazard. Today small light bulbs standing on cylinders mimic what used to be candles years ago. And if you want your room to reflect sophistication and class, a crystal chandelier is definitely a must. There’s nothing like the sparkling of light on crystals to make you feel like royalty. Nevertheless, people who want to make their living room more modern, tend to shy away from chandeliers. People usually associate this type of lighting with the lights adorning a dance hall in an old castle or a lobby in an opera house. But chandeliers have advanced from their classic style and now they have evolved into various modern and stylish versions, such as drum chandeliers and fluorescent.


Pendant lighting is a vague generic term that’s used for all lone ceiling lights online or offline shops offer. The most common ones among these are bowl pendants. They work best in living rooms that have no clearly defined design because of their timeless look. They are usually made of glass and the light source is encircled in a single bowl shaped shade. This can be quite annoying when standing directly under this kind of lighting, which is why there are inverted bowls where the shade wraps the light from beneath, which makes it shine upward towards the ceiling.

Flush Mount

If you happen to have a living room with a low ceiling, don’t worry, not all ceiling lights are hanging. Flush mount ceiling lights might not look impressive, but they deliver a lot in terms of functionality. Because they are hardly noticeable, they can be incorporated into every living room style. Full flush lights have a sleek and simple design which is easy on the eyes and living room décor as well. These are the most common lighting solutions in both ceiling lights online shops and stores in general.