How to Turn Your Backyard Into an Inviting Urban Retreat


While you may enjoy dining out with friends and family occasionally, there are some nights when you just want to relax in the comfort of your own backyard. And what better way to enjoy the soothing summer night breeze than with family barbecues or hang-outs by the outdoor bar? A well-designed backyard will turn these gatherings into magical evening getaways. 
One outdoor design style that has won the hearts of many Aussies is contemporary style. It gives your backyard a vibe of effortless luxury and it’s not hard to achieve. The contemporary design scheme includes modern and sophisticated pieces of furniture with a simple design, a lot of metallics, as well as practical and sustainable elements. Below are a few worthy suggestions that will help you create a luxurious outdoor space.

Eco-Friendly Modern Fire Pits

Ethanol fire pits are the next best thing in modern outdoor design. Their versatility, practical advantages and aesthetic value make them favourites among people with a finer taste.

Eco-Friendly Modern Fire Pits

They produce fire using natural ethanol fuel. Bioethanol is an eco-friendly solution created from plant by-products. These plant by-products come from the process of harvesting crops such as sugar cane, corn, rice, grapes etc. Bioethanol is a revolutionary fuel that’s becoming increasingly popular as an option for renewable energy. Apart from its use in contemporary fire pits, it’s commonly used as motor fuel or as an additive in gasoline.

Why Are Ethanol Fire Pits Better Than Natural Gas Fire Pits?


It’s no news that outdoor ethanol fire pits are becoming very popular and beating their competition – natural gas fire pits. Natural gas has been a common choice for fire pits and fireplaces, but its use and production creates a lot of risks for our health and the environment. Ethanol, on the other hand, is a sustainable fuel that produces the lowest amount of carbon dioxide. For this reason, these fire pits can be used indoors as well.

Easy Installation and Portability

An ethanol fire pit has a much easier installation process than a gas fire pit. Gas fire pits usually require a hard gas line and an electrical connection at the point of installation. You often need a licensed professional to do the installation for you. An ethanol fire pit will save you much of the trouble. You simply need to unpack it and enjoy it. Ethanol fire pits are easily portable. You can use it to entertain your guests in the backyard during the evening and move it indoors to create a warm ambient during the night.


Modern Aesthetic

Outdoor ethanol fire pits have aesthetically pleasing designs that are hard to beat. They’re simple, functional and can practically fit into any space. They’re available as stand-alone centrepieces in neutral-coloured smooth concrete, but also as a part of a stylish centrepiece table in concrete or durable teak wood.

Stylish Teak Lounges

The contemporary style is all about sustainability and simplicity. Out of all outdoor furniture options, teak furniture is the most practical and aesthetically pleasing choice. Over the past years, teak wood has become a popular furniture material for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Teak is a tropical hardwood that’s well known for its sustainability. It’s one of the fastest-growing trees with large carbon storage. 

Advantages of Teak Outdoor Furniture

Here are some of the advantages of buying teak outdoor garden furniture.

  • Extremely durable; Teak is a strong wood that can endure harsh weather conditions. If properly cared for, this furniture can last you for more than 5 decades;
  • Easy cleaning; Simple wiping or a combination of baking soda and warm water is enough to keep it clean;
  • Water-proof; Teak has successfully been used for building boat decks in the past, so it’s quite water-resistant compared to other wood alternatives. This is due to its natural oils;
  • Pest-resistant; Except for providing water resistance, the natural oils within the teak also protect it from pests;
  • Beautiful designs; Another reason that teak furniture is so popular is the aesthetic value. This hardwood has a recognizable rich texture and a warm golden colour that makes seemingly ordinary spaces more inviting.
teak outdoor garden furniture

How to Style Your Teak Sofa?

Teak outdoor garden furniture is easy to accessorize because of its simple and neutral design. The cushioning is highly durable, water-resistant and fade-resistant. It comes in neutral black, white or grey tones and it’s well complemented by textured throw pillows. You can let your imagination run wild when choosing decorative throw pillows because any colour or texture will go well with your teak sofa. Some currently trendy designs are the tropical and floral prints, but single-coloured vibrant throw pillows also work well. Combine an even number of pillows to create a visual balance and add in a neutral throw blanket.

Décor Elements


Outdoor lighting has many functions and it should be given the same consideration as your indoor lighting. It provides safety after dark, helps you to manoeuvre around the outside of your house and prevents crime. Apart from their practical function, outdoor lights have aesthetic value as well. Popular modern outdoor lights are the wall lanterns and the up and down wall lights. Their designs are simple and include metallic, concrete and glass elements. Up and downlights wash your outdoor walls with a two-way pattern of light which creates a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. Combine outdoor wall lights with lanterns, floor lamps or led lights to create the desired lighting effect.



well-designed garden is one of the crucial elements of outdoor design. It’s soothing for the eyes and it creates a visual interest with the textures and colours you include. If you have a busy schedule and often forget to water your plants, opt for modern self-watering planters that will save you the trouble. 

Bottom Line

Modern backyard designs are all about simplicity and sustainability. A modern ethanol fire pit is a valuable eco-friendly outdoor element. It acts as a stylish centrepiece and creates a relaxing ambient. On the other hand, teak furniture is a symbol of luxury and durability. Ethanol fire pits combined with teak furniture create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will transform your backyard into your new favourite hang-out spot with your friends and family.